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Star Trek Mission Crate Update

Lootcrate have provided an update to Mission Crate subscribers recently.

By Three of Seven Thu 22 Aug, 2019 2:49 PM
Loot Crate recently filed for bankruptcy, and let a number of employees go, as they try to reorganise the company, putting it into a place where it can be sold off to someone else. The company which led the way of a trend of mystry boxes, and started to expand by having themed boxes, including the Star Trek Mission Crate, which attracted a lot of people to subscribe to it, but was hit by problems, and delays from the start.

Today, I as one of the subscribers to the Mission Crate, got an email update about remaining deliveries, other subscribers should have got the same email, or will be getting the email in coming days. In short, the email states that "We are dedicated to getting the delayed crates shipped out to you ASAP." and they will provide a "more detailed information for you by September.", the more just served as an update, to a future update.

So while the Mission Crate has been a mixed bag, with some good items included within it, and some bad ones, ontop of delays, Loot Crate are making an effort to get anything remaining shipped out to those who put money into the product. The quality of these final shipments however will be judged at the time, so fans may still walk away happy, or wish they had never put money down in the first place.

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Thu 22 Aug, 2019 3:26 PM
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Sat 24 Aug, 2019 7:32 AM
I had read another article about that filing 11 & it went into some broad descriptions about the financials, multi-millions over the years, so sadly this doesn't surprise me. I hope those STO players that did invest get a value that they're comfortable with, but I'm glad I didn't partake.