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MCM October Comic-Con

A short adventure into last weeks MCM Comic-Con in London, hosted by Reedpop.

By Three of Seven Fri 01 Nov, 2019 9:45 PM
On the Friday, marking the last weekend of October, Three of Seven, along with Sammygm, and Jonathan. The London MCM Comic-Con is the second to last each year, with Birmingham always being the last of the year. You can view the main MCM website here to keep an eye on all their events, and more company information.

Name:  CyberpunkPreview.jpg
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Size:  32.5 KBFor the first day, upon walking in after collecting our wirstbands, nice and orange, we were greated by someone from XBox who was giving out XBox Ultimate Game Passes for 14 days, this was ontop of the 3 month pass you could get from their stand by playing 5 different games. This is something we did go and check out as well, a fair few games were there, no of which I could master, as I am not used to console controllers. One thing did stand out however, and this was the size of the XBox area compared with Sony, had a much larger setup, including a peak at Call of Duty.

We got to see some gameplay footage from the upcoming CD Projekt red game, Cyberpunk 2077, which showed off the netrunner class, and the solo class, as well as giving a bit of history to Night City, and showing some of the options that will be faced by the player. They were keen to point out that a puzzle has multiple solutions, the puzzle can also go unsolved.

For those interested in anime, All the Anime hosted a panel, with some sneek peaks at some interesting things coming up. For me personally, the A Silent Voice soundtrack in blue vinyl for the first press had my attention, as a collection item that looks really nice. There was also the annoucement of the anime Weathering with You coming to UK cinemas next year. There were a number of other annoucements they made, such as gaining the rights to distribute Cardcaptor Sakura.

The Saturday and Sunday were spent visiting the ASUS RoG bus, for those who follow myself on Twitter, or the UFP account, you will have seen that we played Counter Strike on this bus, with the top three being dominated by the UFP gang! Satuday was Sammy, Jonathan and myself; Sunday was Sammy, myself and Jonathan in the 1st to 3rd places.

For me, the best experiences of the RoG bus was the chair and the mouse, a proper gaming chair is exceptionally comfortable, and if anyone wants to buy me one, it's Christmas soon! As for the mouse, movement felt really smooth, and very responsive, so much more so than my current one. As for the laptop we played CS:GO on, it was okay, very solid build, but the keyboard doesn't really compare well to what I already have, mostly because I need more room than a laptop keyboard can provide. The keys were however still very good, and responded well to input.

We also went to the big cosplay contests of the weekend, the Euro CosplayChapionship on the Saturday, and the Cosplay Masquerade and Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup on the Sunday. These had long queues, and a much more prepared steward team than last year. There were plenty of good costumes on display from both events, as well as some good preformaces. The only downside is the time taken to change props, and the annoucer not having a earpiece! If he didn't have to run back and forth, much time would have been saved.

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Size:  42.5 KBThere was also a panel for The Witcher Netflix series, with some trailers of various scenes in the upcoming show, and what some of the background is to it. It was mentioned at the panel that two of the character, Ciri and Yennefer, will have a fair bit of character building to them, before their paths cross with Geralt. As the show is based off the books, but some changes had to be made, since, from my understanding, the books don't give much background to some characters until the cross paths with Geralt. It's unlikely there will be much from the games appearing in the show, other than that which is in the books.

Finally, it wouldn't be a comic-con without stalls and sellers, of which there were plenty, as well as free Mountain Dew being handed out, the sugar free kind, so I didn't have any, but Jonathan and Sammy got my share. There were some food stalls, cakes mostly, one we tried, under the name "UFB Rena", I was undercover. These were very nice, cakes are always a good treat to pick up. Mystery boxes were all around as well, a bit of fun if you have a bit of spare money, but don't set your hopes too high on getting something good, but you might get something neat.

If you just wanted to get some goodies, or look at are, there was plenty of that as well, from retro stuff, to books, and even commisions, I saw one artist who painted people as fishes for just a few pounds. I did not get myself painted as a fish, maybe next year. Oh, and one other tip, don't count a stall out just because they aren't selling anything, we came across a stand doing a survey of the convention, complete it and get a £5 Amazon voucher, so take a good look around!

This brings to a close another exciting trip to a comic-con in London! Were you there? Or have you been to any conventions recently? Why not drop a comment and let us know!

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"I need one of them chairs!"

Brilliant Three lol !