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Star Trek: Hero Collector Ships

A preview of the upcoming Eaglemoss ships.

By Chris Wilkinson Fri 08 Nov, 2019 12:54 PM
During the recent Destination Star Trek event which was held in Birmingham, there was a number of new ships announced to be joining the Starship Collection. There are ships joining from all parts of the Star Trek franchise from Discovery to Star Trek Online.

Star Trek Online

One of the most interesting announcements was that Cryptic and Eaglemoss have announced they’ll be working together again to bring more of the Star Trek Online universe to your shelves. They’ve announced the first two ships that will be released in the wild to what I’m sure are very eager fans. The initial ships will be the Gagarin-Class Battlecruiser which was a beautiful 24th-century take on the Shepard class which we saw on Discovery.

The second ship that has been announced is the Chimera Class heavy destroyer which if you’re lucky enough to have subscribed for 1000 days or bought a lifetime sub for you will know all about. For those of us which have yet to get this fine ship, the perfect opportunity will be around the corner, not to fly her, but to give her pride of place on your shelves. What makes this even more interesting is that the original design, was a runner up from the Enterprise F design competition so the fan who created this will know that their design will be out there for thousands of people to enjoy in their own home.
Unfortunately, as we’ve only had two announcements regarding this line of ships which are coming, we don’t know what’s going to be coming up next, but based on Cryptics announcement, we can be sure that more are on the way and hopefully they’ll be announced soon.

Star Trek Discovery

Along with the announcement of the upcoming STO ships, we’ve seen the announcement for more ships in the Discovery starships line.
The first of the announcements is the popular NCIA-93 type ship, also known as the “section 31 stealth ship” which in the show was quite interesting as it had a technology onboard which was either like the Drone Ship from Enterprise or perhaps a cloaking device (although let’s not tell the Romulans). This will appear in the 22nd edition of the magazine for any of you subscribed.

Sticking with the Section 31 theme, they’re also releasing a version of the Stealth Fighter which was seen in the second season, I won’t go into much more detail here due to spoilers in case anyone hasn’t seen the entire season. This ship will be in the 25th magazine.
Jumping back slightly to the 23rd edition, they are treating us to a what appears to be a well-detailed version of the landing pod which we saw very little of in the show. While the mission we saw them launch on was brief, it’s good to see a very unique piece of tech from the show making it into the magazine.

The final ship in this group is the DaSpu Class escort which the Klingons used in the battle of the binary stars. I don’t remember seeing that on-screen but for a Klingon ship, it definitely looks formidable. If it were as tough as the ship of the dead, I could imagine it burying itself into Federation ships and not taking much damage itself. Although I will admit it does have a slight similarity to Red Dwarf in my opinion.

Star Trek Starships

Due to the number of ships that are being added to the main line of ships, I’m going to be a little more brief about these as there were another 7 announced at the show.

Four of the new ships are coming from the Enterprise end of the franchise which was almost as divisive as the JJ-Reboot, however, that’s an entirely different conversation.

We have the Suliban cargo ship which was seen in only a single episode which had it fighting out with the Tholians to get their hands on the pod from the future (Future Tense). There’s also the Xindi-Insectoid fighter.
Finally, in the enterprise category is the Denobulan medical ship and the toy ship we saw in the pilot of the show being flown by a young Captain Archer.

Our next ship chronologically comes from TNG and it’s the Arcos which was an Antares class freighter. This ship which wasn’t seen very well onscreen has been done a significant justice by Eaglemoss as the version they’ll be releasing is quite detailed and definitely looks like a freighter.

Finally, our last two ships come from Voyager and these are the ship that Kes used to come back to the ship before going back in time to try and change her past, and the Tsunkatse Arena ship.

The one thing to note from each of these announcements as each ship has only really been seen once in the show. It’s great to see these, potentially, under-used designs are getting a new life even after all of this time.

Bonus Ships
Among the final ships that were announced over the weekend of Destination Star Trek we’ve heard that there will be the Enterprise from “The Cage”, the Vulcan ship from First Contact, a gold version of the Enterprise D (You can really start to make your lounge into the conference room if they make more gold ships) and an larger version of the Galaxy-X Class (Also known as the Galaxy Dreadnaught).

From such a packed line of up ships that Eaglemoss are serious about keeping this going and providing the community with a lot of high-quality models for display. All we can hope is that we see a lot more of these unique designs from the franchise coming up in Star Trek Picard, Discovery and Online.

What did you think of this article? Are you planning on attending a Destination Star Trek in the future? Let us know by posting below!

WRITTEN BY Chris Wilkinson
EDITED BY Infinity
Fri 08 Nov, 2019 2:29 PM
I have about 90 of their models. I subscribed for a while but now just pick and choose which ships I want. Really like their ships!
Fri 08 Nov, 2019 3:23 PM
They are great quality, I used to have a few but I lost them.
Wed 13 Nov, 2019 2:22 PM
I have about 90 of their models.
Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked

Great first article Chris, look forward to more from ya! Live Long and Prosper
Wed 13 Nov, 2019 7:18 PM
Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked

Great first article Chris, look forward to more from ya! Live Long and Prosper
Thanks Michael Smile
Wed 20 Nov, 2019 10:59 PM
Great article Chris!

I really must say that their models are superb in terms of both quality and pricing. Plus the magazines are chock full of information and goodies.
I’ve got only 4 myself, one of which is the XL U.S.S. Reliant, a model which looks absolutely spectacular at that scale.

With the new STO stuff coming out they are easily going to be a better alternative to those ultra-expensive 3D printed ones; which I’m not terribly impressed with in terms of their quality.