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Anno - The History Collection

After launching almost 22 years ago, Anno is back with a collection of all the previous titles in the

By AlexRider Mon 29 Jun, 2020 1:39 PM
It was 22 years ago when a computer game was released that changed the landscape of gaming for many, you would find yourself sailing in a ship on the ocean looking for land, searching for an island, willing to build up a new colony and find a place to call home. The game we are talking about is Anno 1602 – Creation of a New World.

Even after several sequels, even those being set in the future (2070 and 2205), the Anno series is still one of the best building and trading simulation on the market with millions of sold copies, still being played worldwide.

Now, the most popular parts of this series have returned as a remastered version called "The History Collection" containing Anno 1602, 1503, 1701 and 1404, including their DLC packs. The box, which can be obtained on Steam, Uplay, the Epic Game Store or in a physical shop costs 39,99 (€ and $), but there is also the opportunity to buy the games separately if you don't want to have them all together for prices listed below:

Anno 1602: 9.99
Anno 1503: 9.99
Anno 1701: 9.99
Anno 1404: 14.99

So what is so special about this History Collection bundle? Well, first and foremost we have to talk about the fact that the remastered versions offer a 4k resolution option, more or less updated graphics as well as 64-bit support making the games run fine and smooth on new systems. Do you remember annoying crashes when building up a huge and prosperous colony in Anno 1404? These nuisances belong to the past.

Would you like to play with other players? Thankfully you can do this by using the Uplay platform, also offering a quick match option with an automatic search for players. Dedicated LAN sessions are possible too, although unfortunately these are only available in either Anno 1701 or 1404.

Is the pack worth it? Should you get it? Well, nostalgic fans are most likely to do so. Players, who have never ever taken a look at the Anno series, might perhaps hesitate and get the latest Anno 1800 instead which was published last year. There has been a plethora of content about the series on YouTube and streaming sites such as Twitch, which only serve to increase publicity for the franchise.

What did you think of this article? Have you played any of the games in the Anno series? Let us know!

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Mon 29 Jun, 2020 9:57 PM
This has always been one of my favorite games.