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Community Viewpoint - House Shattered

Members of the community gave their thoughts on the House Shattered update to Star Trek Online.

By Three of Seven Fri 16 Oct, 2020 6:45 PM
After the release of the Star Trek Online update, House Shattered, a thread was created by Mack asking for feedback from the community, you can view the thread here if you want to see the full range of comments, or add to them. There were four simple questions posed, of which, I shall summarise what I believe the overall view is from the community.

[1] Do you like the Experimental Upgrade feature? Which ship(s) did you put it on so far?

The majority view is that the Experimental Upgrade was a good addition, especially with the free one that was given out, there was no one ship that stood out which the token was used on, although the legendary ships were pointed out as a good fit. People also seemed to like that "It gives a bit more flexibility", with one common phrase of the downside being power creep.

There is also the speculation that this pushes back the concept of T7 ships back further, this was brought up by Kyuusaku, who referenced a Q&A from Kael, where it was said "that T7 was not even on the horizon right now, as it's acknowledged that making people buy another set of ships at a seventh tier might be a bridge too far, especially in the same year that they introduced a "Legendary" series of bundles (with more to come).".

[2] What do you think of the new episode? Name:  missionsmall.png
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General consensus on the episode was that it was enjoyable, and many felt it was "Nice to visit Nimbus III again" but a common complaint was about the ground combat portion going on too long, and "the mission itself was just more shoot things until timer runs out". From a personal perspective, I agree with many of the comments made, and added that the voice acting seemed to be really good, and clear.

[3] Are you happy with the new event?

In this area of the update, the community was not too impressed with the event, seeing the new TFO as taking up too much time, and "the Synth opponents didn't feel all that threatening", as well as the set reward not being too exciting. This has led to some chosing to AFK in the TFO to get completion, rather than completing the objectives. To specify, these members are not going AFK in the public lobbies, only in private ones, and we certainly do not endorse going idle in public queues.

[4] What do you think of this Update over-all?

Finally, the thoughts on the update as a whole, which the average mood seems to put this update down as a damp squib, it seems that while there were parts people enjoyed, it just didn't all come together to reach much excitment. On this question, Mack, who set up all the questions also stated "My opinion remains the same, they need to get back to making more content", and it certainly seems with this small update, the content that has come out hasn't been enough to hook people back in.

That is the collective summary of the communities views on House Shattered as best as I could put them, an update that has had some appeal, but never got close to reaching that wow factor, not good, not bad, a soild okay. While there are individuals who are on the extremes of it being good, or bad, I don't believe that to be the collective view from the responses.

I hope you have enjoyed this little dive into the viewpoints of the community, and I'd be interested to know if you would like to see more of these, and if I did truly capture the average response, or if you think you I talking rubbish.

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Sun 18 Oct, 2020 11:32 PM
Fantastic article, a nice way to compile various viewpoints into one central location!