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'Discovery' Writer Tapped To Script Original Star Trek Movie

Star Trek: Discovery and Fear The Walking Dead writer Kalinda Vazquez will pen the next Star Trek movie.

By Silek Sat 06 Mar, 2021 1:21 PM - Last Updated: Sat 06 Mar, 2021 10:48 PM
Star Trek Cinema has been on a bleak trajectory since the release of JJ Abram’s Star Trek Beyond in 2016. Well before the pandemic started claiming projects and shutting down productions, Star Trek stood on a precipice with no clear direction and no concrete plans. Everyone from directors and producers to studio heads and showrunners seemed to have a different opinion about what was going to happen or what we might see next on the big screen, with no shortage of speculation on either bold blockbusters continuing the Kelvin timeline, or even vanity projects for famous filmmakers.AmericaChavez3

Six years on from their last foray in theaters, Deadline announced Star Trek: Discovery and Fear The Walking Dead writer Kalinda Vazquez will pen the next Star Trek movie’s script. There’s no word yet on what cast of characters will be used or what timeline the movie will be set in. Some have speculated that this may be an original script with all new characters and stories, possibly bringing the spotlight to a whole new Federation, as was done with Discovery in the 32nd century.

Named after a character in the 1968 TOS episode, 'By Any Other Name', Vazquez has written the teleplay for the Discovery episode ‘Terra Firma, Part 2’, ‘Ask Not’ for Short Treks as well as episodes for Nikita, Once Upon A Time, and Fear The Walking Dead. When not writing for television or feature films, you can find her working on her Marvel comic American Chavez centering on the first Latinix LGBTQ superhero to get their own title series, or her collaboration with R.R. Martin on the adaptation of the sci-fi novel Roadmarks for HBO.

While it may not be clear which direction the new project will go, it is being reported that the deal struck with Vazquez is considered a ‘blind deal’, meaning that whatever decisions are made, Vazquez will be attached to the project.

JJ Abrams will produce the new film through his ‘Bad Robot’ production company.

Are you excited to see Paramount go in this direction? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Sat 06 Mar, 2021 11:45 PM
I think this is something I'll keep an eye on carefully as I wasn't the biggest fan of the JJ Abrahms movies. Hopefully this next movie will be good but it'd be a shame to have it without Chekov