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The Most Advanced Ship In The Fleet Floats On Water

At the core of its breathtaking views and a sleek modern profile will be one of the most sophisticated environmental laboratories on the planet.

By Silek Tue 13 Apr, 2021 1:47 PM - Last Updated: Tue 13 Apr, 2021 9:43 PM
At $3,000,000 a ticket, you might expect a lot of things from a luxury cruise liner. You might expect top notch service, premium accommodations and fine dining; but playing a part in skimming microplastics from the Arctic Ocean?

Earth 300 Chief executive of Aaron Olivera believes it's the future of Environmental Research, and eco-tourism will be the driver that makes it all possible.

Designed by Ivan Jefferson, the Earth 300 is 295 meters long, 61 meters high, and fits a standard crew of 450 people. While designed as a luxury cruiser able to cater to some of the most discriminating tastes in the world, it is the heart of the matter that will bring the machinations of capitalism on which the plan hinges.12
Earth 300 Chief Executive
Aaron Olivera

At the core of its breathtaking views and a sleek modern profile will be one of the most sophisticated environmental laboratories on the planet. With 22 dedicated labs able to accommodate 160 scientists, and a sensor array consisting of literally thousands of individual sensors, it could be the first commercial maritime quantum computer, and scientists will have it at he tip of their fingers and able to position it wherever it best fits the mission.

The most impactful area of the ship, in both mechanics and in its optics, is the 130' high Science Sphere. Talking to Jefferson said, “We wanted to create a design that would inspire. When one looked at the sphere, we wanted them to be inspired to protect Earth. When one would walk into the sphere, now housing the science city, and felt the action of all the ongoing scientific works, we wanted them to be inspired to become an alchemist of global solutions.”

Scheduled to launch in 2025, the estimated cost for the project has been projected to be between $450 - $750 million. Olivera will be the first to point out that a lot of the cost associated with protecting the Earth involves making sure your not causing an even bigger problem yourself. To reach and maintain its goal of being entirely emissions free, the Earth 300 will be powered by Molten Salt Nuclear Reactors.

The UK based Core Power will be working with the Bill Gates startup TerraPower in developing the on-board atomic reactor, and while certification for a reactor of this size can take up to seven years, they intend to run the craft on renewable fuels at launch, to remain as green as possible.Earth3002

Olivera's first planned cruise will be through the Artic and will be 'on mission' for ten months out of the year. With this schedule, he is confident that as much as $100 million could be brought in. He's betting hard that well to do tourist with an awareness of the environment will pay upwards of $3 million for a ten day jaunt rubbing elbows with some of the worlds best known scientists and academics. While making a donation may help some feel more connected to environmental causes, seeing it first hand, and being there with the people doing the real work in trying to make the world a better place, can bring them closer to the goals environmentalists want to see addressed.

At the same time, Olivera likes to stress that while profit may be necessary to fund and finance a project of this size, his group sees that as a necessity, and not a feature. Built into their business plan, 80% of any profits would go toward environmental causes and that any research garnered by their missions would be 'open source' and available to scientists across the globe.

Referring to the Earth 300 as "the Eiffel Tower of our generation,“ Olivera told Bloomberg, "We wanted the (ship) to inspire whoever looks at it to save the planet. Imagine if we could build an object that stimulates people around the world."

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