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The Doctor Will See You Now. Gates McFadden Announces New Podcast Premier Date.

Last week, Gates McFadden announced she would be hosting a new podcast premiering May 12th.

By Silek Sat 17 Apr, 2021 4:22 PM
Last week, Gates McFadden, who famously played Dr. Beverly Crusher in ST:TNG, announced she would be hosting a new podcast premiering May 12th on multiple platforms calling it, 'Gates McFadden InvestiGates: Who Do You Think You Are?'.

In the first episode of what Deadline calls “(a) light-hearted and intimate sit-down conversational series featuring close friends and former co-stars reminiscing on careers, personal life and Star Trek.”, McFadden talks with LaVar Burton in what she promises will be more than just a recap of episodes, or behind the scene anecdotes.

Speaking with Collider, McFadden said, “I can’t say I know the ins and outs of podcasting, although I am learning, but I do know how to be funny and silly, serious and truthful, and ultimately, how to have lively conversations with my extraordinary group of close friends from the Star Trek series. And no, we don’t dissect the episodes, we speak about our lives.”GatesTwitter3
Gates' tweet from Dec. 2020

Last September Deadline had reported the new podcast would be a limited series of ten episodes and would debut in the fall of 2020. While it hasn't been reported what specific delays led to this Summer 2021 release, hardly anyone could consider it surprising, and most commenters just seem happy to finally get their time with Gates.

Listeners of the extremely popular 'The Delta Flyers' podcast hosted by ST: Voyager alum Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill are accustomed to the actors sharing personal stories about their lives with their listeners and varied array of guests, but it still centers around the episodes themselves. This leaves the hosts to casually drop in with what they may be currently working on, or what has happened in the time since production ended. McFadden would seem to be anxious to point out the differences in the two formats, enticing her listeners with a more personal one on one experience with some of their favorite actors and actresses.

Many of the comments I have read on this announcement would seem to find fans in both camps.Gates2
Gates' absence from Picard
Season 2 has not gone unnoticed
by fans.
While almost everyone enjoyed hearing about the actors lives, what was going on in then during making their shows, and what has happened since, it seems like minimalizing the time the hosts and guests spend talking about their time 'on set' was something that would be missed. The TNG cast has, on a whole, has never been known for cast rivalries or drama, or poor relationships. Some of the most negative comments I've heard were from Patrick Stewart himself, commenting on his own possible arrogance in the first season.

While this format, if taken to the extremes, might differentiate itself from some of the other Trek podcasts out there, I hope it doesn't fail to deliver some of the exciting interaction between the host and guests we've seen in the past.

'Gates McFadden InvestiGates: Who Do You Think You Are?', will be produced by The Nacelle Company as part of their first batch of shows as they branch into the podcast space. Brian Volk-Weiss, CEO of The Nacelle Company, stated “We're deeply honored to be releasing Gates' first podcast! I've been a Trekkie for over thirty five years and I've learned more form these shows than the last one hundred conventions I've been to combined. As the name of my company suggests, I’m obviously a huge Trekkie. To be working with Gates McFadden on a project like this is a great honor.”

Along with Who Do You Think You Are?, The Nacelle Company announced several other new or returning shows with this announcement including, The Billy Galaxy Podcast, Secret Histories of Nerd Mysteries, and Netflix's A Toy Store Near You.

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