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The Walking Dead: Isle of the Dead

The Walking Dead's new spin off show announced.

By AlexRider Sat 23 Apr, 2022 11:08 AM - Last Updated: Sat 23 Apr, 2022 6:23 PM
The Walking Dead: Isle of the Dead

The popular zombie-apocalypse show “The Walking Dead (TWD)” will end this year after 11 thrilling seasons, but several new spin-offs have already been announced and confirmed. One of them will be dealing with two audience favourites, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

“Isle of the Dead” and its six episodes will be broadcast in 2023 with TWD producer and writer Eli Jorné serving as the series' showrunner. TWDIOTD
Series Leads Lauren Cohan
and Jeffry Dean Morgan

One of the main features of the new show will be its setting. While TWD is mostly set in a US state (Georgia, Virginia…), Isle of the Dead will focus on the metropolitan area of New York City. According to the show’s description, Maggie and Negan will have to face new dangers and horrors especially in a Manhattan that has been “cut off from the mainland for a long time”.

Large cities in the TWD universe are considered overrun by the “walkers”, confusing, and extremely dangerous, which makes is rather difficult to avoid the dangers of the undead and even harder to hide from them. What is more, there are no possibilities to find new spaces for a newly founded civilised community like rural “Hilltop” or “Alexandria” in the original show.Eli%20%20Jorne
Showrunner Eli Jorné

Maggie’s and Negan’s voyage to NYC promises to be quite an exciting trip, but one question remains: Why are they going there together? The distance between Georgia and New York is more than 800 kilometres so you need some very good reasons for something like that.

Furthermore it will be very interesting to find out why this unlikely couple is traveling and working together. After Negan had killed Maggie’s husband Glenn in the very first episode of season 7 she wanted revenge. The audience however, has already seen in the second part of season 11 that there was a slight change in their relation.

“Isle of the Dead” will present us some very interesting situations and might answer one or two decisive questions. The audience will once again meet up with two of the original show's most popular faces, but will also meet new ones… both friendly and not.

Do you like “The Walking Dead”? Are you looking forward to the spin-off? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Mon 16 May, 2022 10:39 AM
Looks interesting, could be amazing i hope it is! Sadly i think it may start strong then devolve into the Isle of drama featuring some Zombies, like the Zombies in TWD did unfortunately they were like extras in the drama which was in my opinion not something i wanted to continue watching after season 5 sadly. I mean i get you need the character development and character story arcs, but as the main protagonists took a back seat it killed off my interest in the end.