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WoTC Backs Down Amid OGL Controversy

Wizards of the coast have announced they are leaving the original OGL 1.0a in place and placing the entire SRD 5.1 under the Creative Commons.

By Solace Sat 28 Jan, 2023 4:10 PM
You may have read our recently published article covering the massive backlash from the D&D community over plans to introduce a very restrictive and anti-consumer update to the Dungeons and Dragons OGL (Open Game License) here.

Name:  DDB Tweet.png
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Size:  501.0 KBIn recent tweet published the official D&D Beyond twitter account WoTC (Wizards of the Coast) announced they are abandoning plans to attempt to deauthorize the original OGL 1.0a, allowing 3rd party creators to choose which OGL they want to publish under thereby making the original OGL irrevocable.

The tweet also announced that the entire SRD 5.1 (System Reference Document) will be made available under the Creative Commons License, a huge win for the TTRPG community and hobby as a whole. A secondary tweet included in the thread also announced the results of the OGL 1.2 survey taken by WoTC.

Over 10,000 responses to the survery were recorded with 62% being satisfied with adding the SRD to the Creative Commons, over 89% dissatisfied with deauthorizing the OGl 1.0a and a whopping 88% saying they would not want to publish content under the proposed OGL 1.2.

Wizards of the Coast has burned a majority of its goodwill with its community that has seems to have had a knock on effect at corporate headquarters at Hasbro with the value of their stock taking a sharp dip and the announcement of plans to cut 1,000 jobs - we do not know which jobs are being cut but most likely some corporate heads have rolled.

Overall this is a very big win for the community that now needs to be backed up in official legal documentation released by WoTC to make good on these promises.

What do you think of all this controversy? Do you feel that the battle is finally over? Will you ever support WoTC again? Let us know below!

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