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Tales of the Dominion War


For two seasons, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine chronicled the intense struggle of the Federation, fighting alongside the Klingons and the Romulans against the overwhelming forces of the Dominion in some of the most exciting hours of television ever produced. Now, for the first time, see how the Dominion War affected the entirety of the Star Trek universe. From the heart of the Federation to the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. From the front lines of Klingon space to the darkest recesses of the Romulan Empire. From the heroic members of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to the former crew of the USS Stargazer. From the edge of the New Frontier to the corridors of station Deep Space 9. Some of the finest Star Trek novelists have been gathered to provide a dozen new tales from this seminal period in galactic history. Heroes from three generations – Sisko, Picard, Spock, Kira, Mackenzie Calhoun, Klag, McCoy, Gold, and so many more – brought together in these... Tales of the Dominion War.

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Tales of the Dominion War Review Cover


For the first time, see how the Dominion War affected the entirety of the Star Trek universe in this collection of twelve short stories featuring heroes from three generations.

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Pocket Books

Original Release:

03 August 2004

Book Length:

370 pages

Book Canon Year:

2373, 2374, 2375

Featured Characters:

Jean-Luc Picard, The Beta XII-A entity, Lwaxana Troi, Mr. Homn, Spock, Neral, Julian Bashir, Beverly Crusher, Leonard McCoy, Elim Garak, Quark, Morn, Shinzon, Vkruk, Tal'aura, Deanna Troi, Montgomery Scott, Klag, Ekoor, Reese, Saavik, Gilaad Ben-Zoma, Ensign Amarante Lebel, Ruanek

Review Series:

The Dominion War

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Wed 04 May, 2016 11:59 PM
This is an enjoyable book, especially if you are looking for a shorter Star Trek story to read.
Mon 23 May, 2016 1:03 PM
I read this book many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed additional stories focused around the Dominion War. I especially enjoyed the Shinzon story; well worth a complete read if you enjoy shorter Star Trek stories!

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