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Avatar, Book One


In the aftermath of a war that brought the Alpha Quadrant to the brink of destruction, Starbase Deep Space 9 – the galaxy's nexus of scientific and military intrigue – is once more the flashpoint of impending Armageddon as a surprise attack cripples the station, killing hundreds and threatening the fragile new peace. Colonel Kira Nerys and the survivors – together with several controversial new officers – are all who stand against the outbreak of a new war and a terrible doom tied to the unborn child of Captain Benjamin Sisko. Elsewhere, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the starship Enterprise make a startling discovery... one that will affect the destiny of an entire civilization and forever change the lives of those aboard Deep Space 9.

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Avatar, Book One Review Cover


A devastating attack shatters the peace in the Alpha Quadrant, as religious tensions and political upheavals envelop Bajor.

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Original Release:

01 May 2001

Book Length:

284 pages

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Featured Characters:

Karan Adabwe, Masoud Ahzed, Alle Tol, Turo Ane, Julian Bashir, Sam Bowers, Broik, Capril, Cryan, Ezri Dax, Devro, Elvim, Eric, Vic Fontaine, Frool, Grehm, Grimp, Tiris Jast, Kelly, Jataq'qat, Kira Nerys, Marten, McEwian, Monyodin, Morn, Nguyen, Nog, Po, Quark, Ro Laren, Selzner, Jake Sisko, Nancy Sthili, Setrin Yeta, Shoka Pian, Terek, T'Peyn, Simon Tarses, Thirishar ch'Thane, Prynn Tenmei, John Tiklak, Kasidy Yates, Wasa Graim, Wayeh Surt, Woros Keyth, Achen, Thomas Chang, Beverly Crusher, Data, Kuri Dennings, Dey, Kelly Eideman, Faro, Mike Hopping Bird, Tisseverlin Janna, Geordi La Forge, Kell Perim, Jean-Luc Picard, Presley, Richardson, William Riker, Robison, William Ross, Lily Shalhib, Shannon, Deanna Troi, Truke, Elias Vaughn, Weller

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Deep Space Nine

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Fri 29 Apr, 2016 3:15 PM
This was an absolutely amazing book. This is the novel that got me truly hooked into the Deep Space Nine relaunch series. The story was gripping, the pace was spot on and it really does feel like the natural beginning of season 8 for Deep Space Nine. Avatar does an excellent job of introducing new characters and new long running story arcs. I honestly cannot recommend this book enough.

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