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Gateways #4: Demons of Air and Darkness


Once they moved from world to world in a single step, through innumerable doors that spanned the galaxy. They were masters of space, and to those who feared them, they were demons of air and darkness. But long ago they left their empire and their miraculous technology behind. Now someone has found the key to it, and all those doors have been flung open. GATEWAYS DEMONS OF AIR AND DARKNESS A world near Deep Space 9™, threatened with destruction from the distant Delta Quadrant, becomes the focus of a massive rescue effort as Colonel Kira Nerys, her crew, and some unexpected allies fight to avert disaster on a planetary scale. Meanwhile, as Lieutenant Nog and Ensign Thirishar ch'Thane search for a way to shut down the spatial portals forever, Quark becomes involved in a dangerous game that could determine, once and for all, who will control the Gateways.

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Gateways #4: Demons of Air and Darkness Review Cover


Two weeks after station Deep Space 9 is brought back to operational status, the USS Defiant begins laying the foundation for a renewed exploration of the Gamma Quadrant - a communications array at the far terminus of the Bajoran wormhole. After testing the functionality, the Defiant is recalled to base for a meeting with Admiral William Ross.

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01 September 2001

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320 pages

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Julian Bashir • Sam Bowers • Mackenzie Calhoun • Thirishar ch'Thane • Jeannette Chao • Ezri Dax • Martino DeLaCruz • Deru • Walter Emick • Eran Dal • Tony Fusco • Gaila • Gan Morr • Elim Garak • Gordimer • Gril • Hig • Jalik • Kam • Kira Nerys • Kron • Lenaris Holem • Cathy Ling • Loga • Ju'les L'ullho • Akellen Macet • Ychell Mafon • Malic • Marssi • Elaine Mello • Monaghan • Nog • Pal • Jean-Luc Picard • Quark • Renhol • Riilampe • Ro Laren • Gerda Roness • William Ross • Montgomery Scott • Elizabeth Shelby • Grazia Silverio • Snikwah • Solok • Ann Spillane • Taran'atar • Simon Tarses • Prynn Tenmei • Treir • Elias Vaughn • Werd • Vincam • Kasidy Yates • Charivretha zh'Thane

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