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On the eve of Bajor's formal entry into the Federation, First Minister Shakaar was assassinated, derailing the induction and plunging the planet and station Deep Space 9 into chaos. Investigation into the murder revealed the presence of a parasitic conspiracy threatening not only Bajor's future with the Federation, but the very survival of both. At the same time, the fracturing of Bajor's theology has put its people on the threshold of a startling transformation – and the consequences now rest on the shoulders of Colonel Kira Nerys, who months ago defied the religious authority of her planet by making public an ancient heretical text that challenged the very foundation of the Bajoran faith. Now, after a harrowing and historic voyage of exploration in the Gamma Quadrant, the weary, wounded crew of Starship Defiant is at last coming home. But the joy of their return is short-lived as the crew becomes swept up in the crisis aboard the station, with many of them confronting personal issues that force them to make life-altering choices. Among those is a grief-stricken Commander Elias Vaughn, who reaches a crossroads in his life's journey and learns the true purpose for which he was touched by the Prophets... as well as the ultimate fate of Captain Benjamin Sisko. And... somewhere on Bajor... a child long awaited is about to be born.

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The Defiant returns home, as political upheaval and personal revelations rock Bajor and the Federation. And a child long awaited is about to be born...

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Pocket Books

Original Release:

01 November 2003

Book Length:

347 pages

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Featured Characters:

Leonard James Akaar, Asarem Wadeen, Julian Bashir, Bellis Nemani, Bennings, Sam Bowers, Capril, Taulin Cyl, Eran Dal, Thavanichent th'Dani, Ezri Dax, Elim Garak, Hiziki Gard, Girani Semna, Hanal'ahan, Kira Nerys, Natima Lang, Leeta, Mikaela Leishman, Lenaris Holem, Liro Kavi, Akellen Macet, Martok, Kaitlin Merimark, Morn, Mustata'klan, Nguyen, Nog, Keiko O'Brien, Kirayoshi O'Brien, Miles O'Brien, Molly O'Brien, Odo/Wex, Opaka Sulan, Bryanne Permenter, Jean-Luc Picard, Quark, Vindizhei sh'Rraazh, Ro Laren, Rom, William Ross, Jason Senkowski, Benjamin Sisko, Jake Sisko, Joseph Sisko, Judith Sisko, Rebecca Jae Sisko, Taran'atar, Thirishar ch'Thane, Simon Tarses, Prynn Tenmei, Charivretha zh'Thane, Tigart Hedda, Treir, Valast'aval, Elias Vaughn, Vlu, Worf, Kasidy Yates, Yevir Linjarin, Yukei

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Deep Space Nine

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Sat 30 Apr, 2016 8:00 PM
To me this books represents the finale of what would have been season 8 of Deep Space Nine. Old characters from across the Star Trek universe slowly converge and come together. A hugely satisfying step in the series of Deep Space Nine novels. This is definitely my favourite Trek book to date.

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