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Star Trek: The Fall: Revelation and Dust


Welcome to the new Deep Space Nine After the destruction of the original space station by a rogue faction of the Typhon Pact, Miles O'Brien and Nog have led the Starfleet Corps of Engineers in designing and constructing a larger, more advanced starbase in the Bajoran system. Now, as familiar faces such as Benjamin Sisko, Kasidy Yates, Ezri Dax, Odo, and Quark arrive at the new station, Captain Ro Laren will host various heads of state to an impressive dedication ceremony. The dignitaries include not only the leaders of allies—such as Klingon Chancellor Martok, Ferengi Grand Nagus Rom, the Cardassian castellan, and the Bajoran first minister—but also those of rival powers, such as the Romulan praetor and the Gorn imperator. But as Ro's crew prepares to open DS9 to the entire Bajor Sector and beyond, disaster looms. A faction has already set in action a shocking plan that, if successful, will shake the Alpha and Beta Quadrants to the core. And what of Kira Nerys, lost aboard a runabout when the Bajoran wormhole collapsed? In the two years that have passed during construction of the new Deep Space 9, there have been no indications that the Celestial Temple, the Prophets, or Kira have survived. But since Ben Sisko once learned that the wormhole aliens exist nonlinearly in time, what does that mean with respect to their fate, or that of the wormhole... or of Kira herself?

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Star Trek: The Fall: Revelation and Dust Review Cover


Revelation and Dust is the first novel in the Star Trek: The Fall series.

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27 August 2013

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352 pages

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Featured Characters:

Leonard James Akaar, Aleco Vel, Altek Dans, Ernak gov Ansarg, Asarem Wadeen, Talin Aslanyan, Nanietta Bacco, Julian Bashir, Ventor Bixx, Bena, Jefferson Blackmer, Broik, Pascal Boudreaux, Samaritan Bowers, John Candlewood, Cardok, Cawlder Losor, Cawlder Vinik, Cenn Desca, Jan Collins, Damas Hayl, Amélie d'Arnaud, Ezri Dax, Olivia Dellasant, Sarina Douglas, Kay Eaton, Enkar Sirsy, Etana Kol, Magdalena Ferson, Alicia Flynn, Frool, Rakena Garan, Grimp, Barry Herriot, Jennica Lin, Edgardo Juarez, Gell Kamemor, Keev Anora, Kira Nerys, Leeta, Mikaela Leishman, Martok, M'Pella, Nog, Keiko O'Brien, Miles O'Brien, Odo, Ashanté Phiri, Quark, Ed Radickey, Raiq, Ranga Hoon, Sherman Ravid, Renet Losig, Resten Ahleen, Krissten Richter, Ro Laren, Rom, Benny Russell, Benjamin Sisko, Rebecca Jae Sisko, Zivan Slaine, Sozzerozs, Wheeler Stinson, Synder Nogar, Taran'atar, Prynn Tenmei, Onar Throk, T'Lune, Treir, Elias Vaughn, Veralla Sil, Ren Kalanent Viss, Enevek Vorat, Patrycja Walenista, Kasidy Yates, Zirk

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The Fall

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