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Welcome to the UFP Simms!

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    Welcome to the UFP Simms!

    Greetings fellow officers,

    You have reached the forum section for the UFP Simm Games. The simms are a text-based roleplaying game that is played using a sophisticated web system. In this game you are one of many authors writing a Star Trek story, interacting with the other crew, and fulfilling goals and challenges. While the game managers write the mission plan, each and every player writes the story and determines the outcome.

    We currently have one simm with two avenues and manifests: the USS August NCC-93389-E Rhode Island Refit (nicknamed a Science Cruiser) and Outpost 42, small outpost and civilian colony out in the northern expanses beyond Federation space. They are all a part of Task Group Legacy, under the interim command of Commodore Berel Joon.

    If you are interested in playing, please take a look at all the information below, including the guides, links, and open positions. When you're ready, use the "Apply Here" link below to give us a synopsis of your character idea.

    We hope you enjoy reading our stories, or hopefully participating!

    General Links
    Below are some helpful links you will need to know about and reference frequently.

    UFP Simm Sites

    Task Group Legacy:
    (Contains both the USS August and Outpost 42 simms in one)

    SB Legacy Archive (pre February 2014):

    USS August Archive (pre July 2013):

    UFP Simm Guide

    Simm Guide
    (by Connor)

    Contact Info
    Who do you contact if you have questions or problems? Try these people below here in the forums or via Nova PMs.

    Lead GM: McClintock

    Assistant GMs:

    Backup Nova Admin: Caymen Greener

    Join Us!
    Below is the link to a form to join one of the simms. We will want you to fill this out before you actually apply to join the simm itself. This will include your basic info, character idea, and simming experience. The GMs will look at your application and decide where the best fit is.

    Once you have checked all of the items above and gotten a sense for what we're about and what positions we need, please submit this form:

    Chatting & Planning
    If you need to chat with someone about the simms, there are a few ways you can do that.

    Nova PMs

    In Nova, you can use the Private Messages section to send and receive messages. As long as you leave the defaults, you'll receive an email whenever someone sends you a note. There may be some issues that when you Reply-To-All in this system, it adds yourself as well and you end up getting all kinds of duplicates. But it functions and is built into Nova.

    UFP Forum PM

    Feel free to simply send the user a PM in the forums. This is a bit more direct and is probably more "official". This would also be prudent if you are needing to talk to someone cross-simm (e.g.: you're on both simms and you had a question about both, or an interaction of one char to the other).


    Yes, you can use Teamspeak without a headset! In fact, I sit on Teamspeak most days at work in the [CL3] Text Chat ---- See Desc channel. Feel free to pop in here and hang out or just simply ask questions. We can always jump into a private channel or chat window if needed. But suffice it to say, I encourage everyone to get on TS whenever possible to plan out JPs and such. All you need to do is install and connect - no headset or configs required, really.