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Creative Writing Contest

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jdcollins, 1 Week Ago
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    I'm reviving an old contest from 2015 in an effort to generate some interest in the Science Branch and storytelling as a whole.
    No prior experience is necessary. Simply grap a pen and paper and let those creative "juices" flow!
    Captain's logs, Mission Reports, roleplay scenarios, foundry missions, or even an origional piece in "Star Trek" style will be accepted.
    Persons should not only be registered members of the forums, but in order to collect the prize, be a member of a fleet in game. Any fleet in the
    armada is fine. *Please note: If you are in one of the Armada fleets, please include your character and @handle so if you do win you can be found and mailed in game.
    There is a post for your entries in Science Board of 12th Legacy website.

    Contest will run from now until May 13, 2017.
    Judges (myself, Kahn and Redking353) will then read them all and vote on a winner, who be announced at the fleet meeting on May 20, 2017.
    Winner will be awarded 20,000,000 energy credits.

    So, get your imagination fired up!
    I look forward to many entries.
    JdcollinsJdcollins Medals