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Feedback Response - General Enquiries

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Three of Seven, Thu 20 Apr, 2017 7:38 PM
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    Feedback Response - General Enquiries

    The following anonymous feedback was sent via the feedback form.

    Would the FEO Consider allowing the CL5 Commanders to award a citation or something else to recognize those who dont get recognized during the previous UFPAC Period, because they are new members.

    Like a OUTSTANDING NEW MEMBER Citation or Achievement that can be awarded to only new members by their commanders
    We do not feel there is any need to implement a secondary award system specific to new members. This is because the UFPAC happens on a frequent enough basis for members to be recognised for their contributions to the community. We have a UFPAC every three months, so that is four within a year, so there is never a long gap between awards and plenty of time for people to shine.

    Additionally, if you see that a member has done something you think is worthy of immediate praise, feel free to send them a PM, write a reputation comment for the member, or make a public post about what they have done. There are many ways individuals can already praise members for doing exemplary things, then come the next UFPAC nomination period, they can be nominated for what they did.