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      Pass all three Academy exams.

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      RSVP to ten events via the Events System.

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      Receive the rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class.

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      Receive the rank of Crewman.

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      Give positive reputation ten times to other users.

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      Sit and pass the Academy Command Exam.

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    Just finished my Ships first mission log, check it out if you have time! Should be a good introduction to my crew!

    I also updated my ship's dossier so that it displays a detailed deck listing, which I grabbed from here:

    I've used that site in the past for information, and most of the ship classes that are going to be involved with this mission are on that site, so it should prove useful.
    That is oddly enough where I got all the details for the Akira class from. I really liked that they actually made use of the hangar bays and making it into a carrier-heavy cruiser.
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