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September Roll Call Events Survey Results

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Sammygm, Tue 10 Oct, 2017 7:42 PM
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    My apologies, I completely forgot to post up the results for the survey. Well better late than never right! A big thank you to bedders for responding to some of them!



    Wish there was more sto events for all time zones.
    Sammygm: So do I! But without members volunteering to create events for these timezones, there is not much we can do.

    Bedders There's always room for more volunteers to host events!

    I rate it 5 out of 7.
    Sammygm: My Favorite Voyager character.

    Bedders Only 0.714285 percent? Is there anything we could be doing to help get that to a nice 0.72 percent?

    My favourite events are the Midas Array Podcast events.
    Sammygm: Same

    Bedders Yep - these are always worth a listen. Attending them live is even more fun!

    They are sparsely attended. Most end up being Team PUGs.
    Sammygm: This is something we've noticed as well, we're looking into it, and we hope to be able to get more members to attend.

    Bedders Often it's difficult to get a full team, so we tend to fill slots in with the public. Even when there are enough people attending it can often be more than the player limit within a single game, so we have to split up into groups and again invite public players.

    Have no idea who is running what or how well they are doing it. Getting no communication what so ever.
    Sammygm: Everything you need to know should've been provided by our recruit support officer. As for communication, we're always available.

    Bedders I've seen this comment a couple of times - it may be worth speaking to one of our FEO members to see if you can share ideas on how to improve communication within the UFP.
    I will mention that Events are posted on this page and occasionally get called out in the shoutbox. Also, if you RSVP to an event you get an email 1 hour before it starts as a reminder.

    yes all good
    Sammygm: Yes.

    i'd like to see some more monthly or quarterly writing competitions. I also think that the events in the games like STO and SWTOR are almost all competition driven. Maybe there should be more in game social events. I mean like a bi-weekly social meetup in STO at the Club on ESD, or drink night at some Nar Shaddah cantina once a week. (just floating ideas)
    Sammygm: Yes, we agree. That's why we've recently announced the return of our social based events. Though I do realise you posted this comment before we announced it, we hope that this will be to your liking.

    Bedders Specifically in regards to the "more social events" ideas - I have debated running such events in SWTOR in the past. Unfortunately turnout was disappointing, and so I went back to events that focus on PVE content as these drew more members.
    Social events still need to have some kind of motivation/theme behind them. If members want to hang out and chat we generally use the forums or Teamspeak rather than meet in-game for a designated meet-up. Should you have any ideas regarding social events please let me know and I'll see what we can organise Smile

    See my answer for Starfleet holodeck. There looks to be lots of events run for other games though so that's good. I just don't have time to play those as well.
    Sammygm: Unforutnatly we have no idea what you've put in your holodeck comment since there are no names attached to your comments.

    Bedders All feedback is anonymous, so unfortunately we are unable to see your comment for Holodeck.

    Events are regular and are usually well-attended despite the decline in activity over the Summer.
    Sammygm: The decline is something we're going to work on. But it's good to hear you find our events regular and well attended.

    Bedders Thank you for your support - it is a fact of all communities that activity dips over the Western Summer due to people going on holidays, and spending time out in the sunshine (urgh!).

    I think there is a good amount. Unfortunately, I don't play the games associated or am available at the times offered. That isn't the Event Officer's fault, but my own difficulty. Some suggestion, but not sure how feasible is with the new Star Trek series coming out, perhaps we can have some 'movie nights' again (if we are able to). Kind of fun watching stuff and reading live comments from fellow fans and community members.
    Sammygm: Movie nights is something we like to see again. This is something you will see coming from Academy in the near future.

    I wish there were more STO events for newer players. Specifically under level 50.
    Sammygm: Events for newer players is something that can be done, but I realise that it might be hard to do for some event officers. When you host events for sub 50 lvl, there is no guarantee that you will be in the same level bracket.

    I'd prefer if they were more frequent, but I understand it's not always possible because of real life responsibilities
    Sammygm: I'd like to see more frequent events too.

    Bedders There are weekly events for almost all of the games that we support as a community. If it's Holodeck-related, feel free to PM me and we can have a chat about which games you would like to see more events taking place for.

    I try to get in on them when ever I can, they are always fun!
    Bedders Thanks! Smile See you at some of them!

    I haven't attended most of them because I am primarily on console.
    I don't take part in events/raids so not a factor for me
    I have not experienced any events yet, so I cannot judge.
    Sammygm: We hope to see you in our events some day.

    I have just joined the site. My next survey will be more informative.
    Sammygm: We look forward to it!

    Bedders See the Events page here and if you see something you like, come and say hi! Cool
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