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ARP December 2017 Feedback

Started By:
Eaglesg, Thu 28 Dec, 2017 1:43 PM
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     –  Last edited by Eaglesg; Thu 28 Dec, 2017 6:25 PM.
    ARP 240

    Hello everyone,

    Below are the December 2017 feedback comments for Ares. I would like to thank everyone for providing comments to help improve Ares !

    I would also like to make a few announcements:
    • You might have noticed that the entire Ares forum has been reshaped, this was done to reflect the new direction we are taking. If you were already writing your own mission in Ares please send me a PM so I can move your thread to the "Free Stories" section.
    • The new Ares XO will be selected soon.
    • I'm preparing a little surprise Big Grin

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    SEPT 2017 APPROVAL: 98%
    DEC 2017 APPROVAL: 99%(1%)


    Congrats on getting cl5 eaglesg, its a shame someone made a very bitter comment on the announcement post hope this didnt dampen your spirts :-( good luck with the division
    Eaglesg: Thank you very much! I will not comment about this because I respect very much this "someone" and it wasn't aimed towards me. But don't worry, my "ARP spirit" is at its highest Wink
    Don't see much activity from the ARP on the forums. Where's all the activity gone?
    Would like to see more activity
    Eaglesg: ARP is currently getting a new skin, so don't worry you'll hear about us by the end of the month, and don't hesitate to join us when we'll start! Smile
    I may be bias on this haha
    Eaglesg: Big Grin
    Haven't been in long enough to have an opinion.
    Eaglesg: You can always submit one via the feedback form or directly to me via PM (I'm really nice, I swear)
    Following Eaglesg's appointment, Ares should continue to be a major part of the UFP's roleplay efforts. Thanks to all who contribute and organise Ares! - 7
    Eaglesg: Thank you very much for your trust, all this support is really what's driving me to make ARP one of the best places of the UFP Community! And nothing of that would happen without the current help I have from deuZige and Allan, so I would like to thank them a lot.
    I believe the leadership is involved, yet it will take more community involvement to see the admin "do their thing".
    Eaglesg: Well, you're right. The leadership is indeed involved: it's my responsibility to "do my thing" to get more community involvement. Don't worry, I'm currently doing just that Wink
    I only come here one month in a year! Ho! Ho! Ho!

    You can always join us to write a Christmas Story once a year Father Christmas, or more Wink
    Some very good writing and stories. Well done.
    Eaglesg: I think I'm speaking on the behalf of every ARP writer to say thank you Smile If you want to join us don't hesitate, positions will open in a few days Smile
    I feel that this is one of the best parts of this community.
    Eaglesg: Thanks! My job will be to keep it that way Wink
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