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Lieutenant Allan Hood, Chief Science Officer

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    Lieutenant Allan Hood, Chief Science Officer
    Attachment 9679

    Character Information
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Age: 25, DOB: September 14, 2356, Stardate: 33704.465

    Physical Appearance
    Height: 1.67 m
    Weight: 622.8 N
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Physical Description: Athletic, Freckled, Crew Cut, Widow's Peak

    Spouse: Wife, Samantha-Josephine Hood, DOB: January 25, 2357, married on January 29, 2374. Freelance reporter/holophotographer in 2369 and Federation News Service War Correspondent 2370-2374. One of her first assignments was covering the Starfleet Scientific Corps working on the Florida Restoration/Maintenance Project in 2370, where she happened to interview Allan as a freshman-cadet at Starfleet Academy. She covered the majority of the Dominion War until turning in her resignation after reaching later stages of pregnancy. Passed reporting baton to Jake Sisko.

    Noteable Stories

    -"Earth's Healing Scar: the Xindi Incident of 2153"
    -"The Borg Incursion of 2369-2370"
    -"Standard Warp Drive Tears Fabric of Subspace"
    -"A Safer Means of Warp Travel: Launch of the USS Voyager"
    -"USS Pegasus Found in the Devolin System"
    -"Starfleet Cadet Joins 'Traveler' in Explorations of Alternate Planes of Reality"
    -"Who are the Maquis?"
    -"The Starship that Gained Sentience"
    -"Author/Philosopher Alixus, and Son, Stand Trial for Deaths of Colonists"
    -"Cadet Harry Kim Earns Cochrane Medal of Excellence"
    -"The Dominion: the Federation's Next Threat from Beyond the Wormhole"
    -"USS Voyager Lost in Deep Space"
    -"Maquis Clone Steals Starship"
    -"Bajoran-Cardassian Treaty Signed"
    -"Mad Scientist? Dr. Tolian Soran Uses Trilithium to Collapse Star"
    -"Historic Starship, USS Enterprise-D Crashes on Veridian III"
    -"Bajoran Resistance Cell Leader Becomes First Minister of Bajor's Provisional Government"
    -"Ghost Ship Sends Signal From Beyond the Grave"
    -"Dominion Infiltrates Alpha Quadrant"
    -"New Threat, Better Tech: Starfleet Introduces New Phasers and Tricorders"
    -"Klingon Empire Invades Cardassian Union: the Death of the Khitomer Accords"
    -"Bajoran Wormhole Inverts in Subspace Creating Rare Anomalies and Temporal Fluctuations"
    -"Admiral Stages Military Coup"
    -"Klingon Empire Attempts to Extradite First Klingon Starfleet Officer on Trumped up Charges"
    -"A New History: Launching of the USS Enterprise-E"
    -"Changeling Impersonates Klingon General"
    -"Temporary Ceasefire Reached in Federation-Klingon War"
    -"Starfleet Command Declares Starship 'Lost with all Hands'"
    -"Crew Lost in Time: Visiting the Historic Enterprise"
    -"Starship Destroyed While Protecting Colonists"
    -"Second Borg Incursion: the Battle of Sector 001"
    -"Dominion invades the Alpha Quadrant"
    -"Cardassian Union Joins the Dominion"
    -"The Maquis Rebellion Ends"
    -"Uninhabited Earth-like Planet Plays By its own Temporal Rules"
    -"The Dominion Signs Non-aggression Treaties with Romulans, Tholians, Miradorn, and Bajorans"
    -"War: Dominion Takes Bajor Sector, Wormhole and Crucial Position, Lost"
    -"Enemy Lines: 14 Ships Hobble Back Leaving 112 Behind"
    -"Federation and Klingon Empire Recapture Crucial Position, Deep Space 9"

    Children: Daughter, Grace Hood, DOB: July 5, 2375, born in Caloosahatchee, Florida.
    Daughter, Donna Hood, DOB: October 24, 2378, born in Caloosahatchee, Florida.

    Lieutenant Commander Lee Hood, DOB: October 1, 2327; Married Karen Hood aboard USS Rutledge in 2352; Resigned Engineering Officer, 2345-2367; served in the Battle of Wolf 359 in 2366 aboard USS Saratoga; part of the team which developed the USS Enterprise-D and the USS Defiant at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars; Retired Starfleet officer and transport/freighter engineer.

    -Class of 2345, admitted to the Academy in 2341; graduated, with the rank of Ensign, along with Lieutenant Commander Data (deceased) and Senior Chief Petty Officer, Miles O'Brien, Professor of Engineering
    -First assignment was on the USS Rutledge with Crewman Miles O'Brien, Captain Benjamin Maxwell
    -Fought during the Setlik III Massacre of 2347
    -Served during the Federation-Cardassian War from 2347-2359
    -Promoted to Lieutenant
    -On team that installed the warp engine control systems on the USS Enterprise-D in 2362 at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars.
    -Transferred to USS Saratoga (NCC-31911), with the rank of Lieutenant Commander following the commissioning of the USS Enterprise-D in 2363 at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars. Serving under Captain Martin Jedlicka and then a Vulcan captain.
    -In 2365, after believing Data had died during a secret kidnapping by Kivas Fajo, aboard the Jovis, Lee was distraught. Lee figured that Data would never commit any pilot errors and suspected there was more to his assumed death.
    -Later that year, the Saratoga began deep space exploration mission of Sector 002, the Alpha Centauri sector, located in
    the Beta Quadrant.
    (Mission listed on the Starship Deploy Status chart that was on display in the courtroom of Starbase 173.)
    -During the Battle of Wolf 359 in 2366, a Borg cube locked the Saratoga in a tractor beam, draining her shields until they eventually failed. The Borg then fired a cutting beam at the Saratoga, scoring a direct hit on decks 1 through 4 as well as causing devastating damage. The warp core suffered heavy damage that would lead to antimatter containment failure. Many died, including the Vulcan captain. After being ordered to escape pods, the ship was ultimately destroyed by a Borg cutting beam in combination with a warp core breach.
    -Commander Benjamin Sisko requested Lee Hood join his team, on Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars, in designing the Defiant prototype as his last contribution to Starfleet before resigning his commission. Hood agreed as it served as an outlet for his pain of losing most of his fellow crewmen and officers.
    -Resigned after the Defiant launched in 2370, on stardate 47538.5, from the Antares Shipyards.

    Allan Hood did not learn the details of his father’s involvement in the battle until he read the records himself, especially, his father’s part in getting Jake Sisko to the escape pod safely, after a Bolian bridge officer passed Sisko into Lee Hood's arms.

    When resigning his commission, Lee Hood was given the opportunities to either work with constructing orbital habitats or join the New Atlantis Project. Hood joined the team of 200 scientists and engineers in February 2369 to create a new subcontinent on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in the Atlantic Ocean on Earth. He joined an engineering crew tasked with accelerating the build-up on the underside of the mantle without increasing the stress on the tectonic plates.

    Medical Record:
    -Combat Stress, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

    Karen Hood, DOB: August 22, 2334; Married Lee Hood aboard USS Rutledge in 2352.
    -Graduated with Degree in Education from Lake Okeechobee University, May 2356
    -Taught English Language Arts at Copernicus Middle School in Copernicus City, Luna, 2356-2369
    -Taught English Language Arts at Platonis Island School, 2370-2376. One of the first teachers employed on the first man-made island of the New Atlantis Project, Platonis, New Atlantis.
    -Consulted friend Lieutenant Ballard on attempting to enroll Lal, a Soong-type android constructed by Lieutenant Commander Data (deceased), in primary school classes and the difficulty of having a young android interact with humanoid children in 2366
    -Consulted friend Keiko O'Brien on starting a school on Deep Space Nine with students of mixed cultural backgrounds, including some Bajorans, humans, Nog, and Jake Sisko, in 2369
    -Retired, June 2376

    Carson Hood, DOB: July 20, 2353; Captain of the Black Flag, a Yeager-type, Intrepid-class starship variant

    Federation Privateer, Letter of Marque issued in 2370 during Dominion Cold War, assigned to help find the Maquis raider Val Jean in 2371. In 2373, fought to retake the Archanis sector, in a counterattack, during the Federation-Klingon War. The effort was led by the USS Tecumseh and the USS Rutledge while Carson's ship, the Black Flag, acted as a skirmisher, screening enemy advances from a tactical position. Though gifted in science and engineering, Carson's ability to lead, and love of adventure, lead him into privateering after losing his freighter, being the sole survivor of the Blue Flag.

    -Licensed to fit out an armed vessel and use it in the capture of enemy merchant shipping and to commit acts that would otherwise have constituted piracy.
    -Engaged in sporadic combat in order to delay movement, disrupt attacks, and weaken morale.
    -As an experienced trader and freighter captain, the Federation issued a "letter of marque," allowing him to defend himself, his ship and crew, while traversing battlezones.
    -Under a performance bond to help defend ambushed Federation ships on supply runs from Dominion attack ships disrupting supply routes and trading lanes surrounding the Chin'toka system, including AR-558.

    -Wanted by the Klingon Empire, Cardassian Union, the Breen Confederacy, and the Gorn Hegemony Ships for Smuggling Illegal Goods (food and medical supplies) and Weapons Across Federation, Cardassian, Breen Confederacy, and Gorn Hegemony Borders.
    -Wanted by the Klingon Empire for invading Klingon space and stealing a cloaking device from a damaged Klingon Bird-of-Prey.
    -Wanted by the Federation and Romulan Empire for breaking the Treaty of Algeron.
    *Allowed to be equipped with a Romulan cloaking device in exchange for sharing all of its Dominion intelligence with the Federation and Romulan governments.

    Personality & Traits
    General Overview: As a natural explorer and scientist, Hood decided to join Starfleet to be part of Starfleet’s effort of exploration of “strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations” in 2370, three years before the Dominion War began. Hood served in the last two years of the Dominion War from 2374-2375.

    Hood’s parents protested against him joining Starfleet, let alone moving his new family on board a starship due to Lee Hood’s experience with the Borg and Cardassians, Carson Hood’s involvement in Federation privateering, and their doubtful perception of the Dominion War's resolution.

    Strengths & Weaknesses:
    -Idealistic, Great Analyst and Abstract Thinker, Confident, Imaginative, Open-Minded, Enthusiastic, Passionate, Dedicated, Objective
    -Absent-minded, Too Idealistic and Altruistic, Impractical, Arrogant, Takes Things Personally, Difficult to Get to Know

    Ambitions: To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations in uncharted space, achieve position as Chief Science Officer aboard a starship.

    Hobbies & Interests: Mindfulness Meditation, European Swordsmanship, Ancient European Martial Arts, Swordsmanship Calisthenics Holodeck Programs, Temporal and Relativistic Mechanics, Coaxial Warp Drive Simulations, Three-Dimensional Chess, Velocity, Parrises Squares.

    Personal History:
    Allan Hood was born and reared in Caloosahatchee, Florida with his brother Carson Hood and parents Karen and Lee Hood. The Hood brothers had a close childhood friend, Roel Ceda, who died during a hovercraft accident.

    While in Kindergarten, Hood went to work with his father on Take-Your-Son-To-Work Day and saw his father's team install the warp engine control systems on the USS Enterprise-D in 2362 at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

    Family invited and witnessed the commissioning of the USS Enterprise-D in 2363 at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars, and launch from Earth Station McKinley, due to Lee Hood's involvement with the engineering team.

    At nine-years-old, the Hood family joined Lee Hood on a deep space exploration mission of Sector 002, the Alpha Centauri sector, located in the Beta Quadrant while stationed on the USS Saratoga. Afterward, the family was sent back home to Caloosahatchee, Florida, a year before the Battle of Wolf 359.

    Three years later, Hood discovered a radiation leak in the City of Caloosahatchee's water supply left over from the Xindi Attack of 2153 on Florida. Though the Caloosahatchee City Commission assured that the city’s water supply was safe, Hood found evidence that the Florida aquifer was contaminated, leading the city commission and the State of Florida to take steps to clean up the residual radiation. Hood grew up few miles from the location of the Xindi attack. His 5th great-grandparents were survivors.

    While working for his father's transport/freighter business, Hood gained experience in both engineering and security working on transports and freighters.

    Hood worked with his father and brother as a transport/freighter engineer. His experience includes successfully maintaining and repairing transports, such as the Bradbury-class, Deneva-class, Sydney-class, Iowa-class, Utah-class and Whorfin-class; Aakenn-class, Altair-class, Antares-class, Laweya-class, Liberty-class, Monarch-class, and Overfield-class freighters; Fiji-class, Midway-class, and Rakota-class cargo carriers; and Chariot-class and MoKal-class cargo transports.

    Though gifted in engineering, Hood’s scientific ability and preference lead him enroll into the Academy along the science tract.

    At the end of his freshman year, Hood's warp theory class observed the final construction phases of the Intrepid-class at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, the most technologically advanced out of Starfleet. The following year, Hood's advanced warp theory class toured the USS Enterprise-E, while under the final phases of construction at the San Francisco Fleet Yards, being that the Sovereign class was considered the "...pinnacle of Starfleet ship design."

    Allan Hood and his father, Lee Hood, met briefly with Lee Hood's former XO, Benjamin Sisko, while Sisko served as Chief of Starfleet Security, and thanked him personally for Allan Hood's recommendation to Starfleet Academy.

    Hood interned with the Starfleet Scientific Corps on the Florida Restoration Project in freshman year to help restore Florida and cleanse/study any remaining radiation damage from the Xindi Incident of 2153. He helped take part in restoring the large drainage basin, the limestone shelf, the tropical hardwood hammocks, and the Florida Platform, porous plateau of karst limestone.

    While interning, Hood met his wife, Samantha-Josephine Friedrick. After marrying in 2374, the Hoods honeymooned on Betazed, camping on Lake Cataria and sailing on the Opal Sea. The Dominion invaded and began their occupation. They barely escaped on Carson Hood's ship, the Black Flag.

    During his senior year, Hood interned with Starfleet's Communications Research Center, on the Pathfinder Project, to help explore the possibility of using micro-wormholes to communicate with the USS Voyager, which was stranded in the Delta Quadrant, assisting Lieutenant Reginald Barclay. His internship ended before communication was established.

    Afterward, Hood signed up for a expedition to Gaia, the newly discovered planet encased in a quantum energy barrier that caused severe temporal displacement. Though the energy barrier surrounding the planet made it inaccessible, the research team Hood joined studied the spacetime effects of the quantum energy barrier surrounding the planet.

    Hood is a human, a descendant of European settlers on Earth’s American continent, who established, New Sweden, a Swedish colony along the lower reaches of Delaware River in North America in 1638.

    A Swedish longsword hangs in their quarters and is traditionally the first personal object hung on their wall. A plaque contains the inscription, “Passed down since the time of the Swedish Intervention in the Thirty Years' War from first born to first born. This longsword was wielded by the patriarch of the Hood family between 1630 and 1635 against the Holy Roman Empire.”

    Growing up, Allan's father taught him, and Carson, the art of European Swordsmanship, a family tradition. Though trained in the longsword, following the teachings of the 14th-century master Johannes Liechtenauer. Eventually, Allan and Carson began learning the militärsabel under the traditions of svensk militär and Viktor Balck.

    Medical Record:
    -Combat Stress, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Shingles due to enduring the Siege of AR-558.
    -Mindfulness Meditation Practioner
    -Scarlatina, Space Sickness (freshmen/sophomore year).

    Service Record:
    Hood decided to join Starfleet to be part of Starfleet’s effort of exploration of “strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations” in 2370, three years before the Dominion War began. Hood served in the last two years of the Dominion War from 2374-2375.

    47639.383 (August 22, 2370)
    Entered Starfleet Academy
    -Recommendation from Captain Benjamin Sisko, Lee Hood's executive officer and friend since serving on the Saratoga.
    -Joined Starfleet Academy's European Swordsmanship Club, founded by Captain Hikaru Sulu
    -Three-Dimensional Chess Club

    47016.56 (January 7, 2370)
    Internship: Florida Restoration Project, 3 weeks
    -Interned with Starfleet Scientific Corps on the Florida Restoration Project, assigned to help restore Florida and cleanse/study any remaining radiation damage from the Xindi Incident of 2153

    47198.6 (March 14, 2370)
    Field Trip: Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
    -Toured the final construction phases of the USS Voyager due to being the first ship to feature a tricyclic input manifold, a class 9 warp drive, variable geometry pylons, bio-neural gel packs, and the Mark 1 Emergency Medical Hologram (or EMH) system. Considered to be the most technologically advanced starship in Starfleet, at the time.

    Between 48212.4 and 48498.4 (March 19-July 1, 2371)
    Field Experience: Bajor, 3 week visitation
    -Requested to temporarily join a six-month agrobiology expedition to the Janitza Mountains
    -Discovered that the ecosystem was much more diverse than the orbital scans had indicated.

    49704 (September 14, 2372)
    Field Trip: San Francisco Fleet Yards
    -Toured the USS Enterprise-E, while under the final phases of construction due to being considered "the pinnacle of Starfleet ship design."

    50990.2 (December 28, 2373)
    Internship: Starfleet Scientific Corps, 1 week
    -Joined team investigating a temporal vortex created by a Borg sphere that sent the USS Enterprise-E into the year 2063.
    -Primary Goal: Recreate the temporal vortex by using a controlled emission of chronometric particles, through Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge specifications, by reconfiguring a warp field to match the chronometric readings of the sphere.
    -Secondary Goal: Recreate resultant temporal wake, which had the effect of insulating the USS Enterprise-E from the changes in the timeline.
    -Temporal vortex never stabilized.
    -Project abruptly terminated and team reassigned.

    51017.5 (January 7, 2374)
    Internship: Pathfinder Project, 6 weeks
    -Interned with Starfleet's Communications Research Center, assigned to help explore the possibility of using micro-wormholes for communication with the Delta Quadrant

    51132.45 (February 18, 2374)
    Field Experience: Starfleet Scientific Corps, Science Station 402, Kohlan system, 4 weeks
    -Studied and cataloged data gathered from the Argus Subspace Radio Telescope Array
    -Observed and recorded variations in the Hofstadter spectrum in subspace and magnetic fields

    51197.38 (March 14, 2374)
    Field Experience: Starfleet Scientific Corps, Planet Gaia, 4 weeks
    -Studied the spacetime effects of the quantum energy barrier surrounding the planet.

    51378.1 (May 19, 2374)
    Starfleet Academy Graduation, Ensign
    -Earned a Master of Science Degree in Astrophysics with focus on Temporal, Quantum and Relativistic Mechanics, Warp Field Theory, Radiobiology, Exoarchaeology, and Planetary/Stellar Cartography
    -Awarded the Cochrane Medal of Honor, by the Zefram Cochrane Institute for Advanced Theoretical Physics
    "For contributions to temporal theory by contributing to the development of temporal field projection equations in Relativistic Mechanics"

    Bridge Officer's Test:
    -Holodeck simulation involving a damaged Ferengi ship as well as Romulan D'deridex-class Warbirds, instead of a civilian freighter and Klingon battle cruisers. Hood passed this version of the Kobayashi Maru by choosing to retreat.
    Facilitated by Commander Tuvok, Starfleet Academy Instructor and simulation designer.

    -Concealed Weapon License: Retractable Cutlass, permission to carry on his person in a concealed manner, including away missions.

    51390.3 (May 23, 2374)
    Department of Temporal Investigations
    -Interrogated by Department of Temporal Investigations over findings by the Starfleet Scientific Corps Temporal Vortex Project
    -Testified to the Temporal Integrity Commission that the timeline was not altered and did not create any temporal incursions.
    -Cleared by the Temporal Integrity Commission of constituting any violation of regulations regarding time travel.

    ACCESS GRANTED: Security Clearance Level 10 REQUIRED.

    -Team attempted to shift chronitons into a high state of temporal polarization, due to a temporal surge from exploding a microscopic singularity, causing a transporter beam, passing through the polarized particles, to be redirected through time.
    Department of Temporal Investigations
    -Temporary Duty Assignment

    ACCESS DENIED: Security Clearance Level 13 REQUIRED.

    51398.287 (May 26, 2374)
    Assigned to USS Sutherland, the Ninth Fleet near Bajor, during the Dominion War, under the command of Captain Shelby.

    Between 52413.7 and 52912.4 (June 1 and November 30, 2375)
    Siege of AR-558
    -Temporary Duty Assignment: Relieve Starfleet ground troops and assist engineers/scientists access the Dominion subspace communication array.
    -Disabled the communications array's security grids and gather intelligence required.
    -Turned Dominion mines against the Jem'Hadar.
    -Strategic Federation victory
    -Awarded the Starfleet Decoration of Gallantry for extreme bravery in the line of duty.

    Between 52576.2 and 52902.0 (July 30 and November 26, 2375)
    Second Battle of Chin'toka

    52902.0 (November 26, 2375)
    Battle of Cardassia
    -Final battle of the Dominion War, lead to the Dominion's unconditional surrender of all forces in the Alpha Quadrant.

    52916.438 (December 1, 2375)
    Promotion to Lieutenant junior grade

    52938 (December 9, 2375)
    Reconstruction Era
    -Assigned to Cardassia Prime for humanitarian aid after planet's massive devastation of infrastructure, death of eight hundred million civilians, and over seven million troops.
    -Temporary Duty Assignment: Help cleanse excess antimatter radiation from surface and atmosphere due to being extremely hazardous to humanoid life.
    -Temporary Duty Assignment: Help reduce prolonged exposure to radiation to avoid serious degenerative health effects and disintegration organic tissue.
    -Awarded the J. Bruce Award for achievements in Radiobiology

    58769.1 (October 8, 2381)
    Transfer to USS Ares and promoted to Lieutenant, Chief Science Officer, the Semper Exploro Project, under the command of Captain Matthew Wilson, then Captain Dyrell Teriir on 58806.51

    58776.256 (October 11, 2381)
    Reported for duty aboard the USS Ares as Chief Science Officer.
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