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Community Meeting - March 2018

Started By:
Infinity, Sat 10 Mar, 2018 10:51 PM
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     –  Last edited by Infinity; Sun 11 Mar, 2018 1:36 AM.
    Community Meeting
    Saturday 10th March 2018 at 21:00 British Time (16:00 EST)
    IN ATTENDANCE: Jonathan-FG, Three Of Seven, Sammygm, Bedders, Infinity, Eaglesg, Bill, Noram, Bridger, JCarill0, Mack, Lazereth

    MEMBERSHIP ATTENDEES: Chugster, Scorch, Arimimochi, Silynn

    Meeting was opened by Jonathan-FG.

    Adster94, Petrarch, T’Tan, KerryMalone


    • Jonathan F-G (FAB): Plugging along nicely. Making some changes in the background. Upcoming Code of Conduct
    • Jordan (Tech): Absent
    • KerryMalone (Dev): Absent
    • Sammygm (Gaming): We’ve been starting to introduce more forums based contests, like the current screenshot contest. The idea is to introduce them every 6 months/ 2 UFPAC, to make sure they won’t get stale. We shall also be supporting the new Star Trek Cardgame, Star Trek Adversaries. This game will be placed under Tactical and receive fleet/guild support, its own forum, and regular updates through FNS. An announcement will be posted later today.
    • Sharpkiller (Tech): Absent
    • Adster94 (Gaming ): Absent
    • Bill (OEA): As the Armada is finally full we can now focus on putting Joint Events together. Planning is currently underway to have large group events such as the Colony Simulation event, and others during the weekend of the June UFPAC. Be on the look out for future announcements and sign ups. Also be sure to utilize the Armada system fully for donations, grouping up, etc. Lastly, if you are streaming be sure to sign up for our Discord streaming Bot so everyone can share in your adventures.
    • Bedders (SFHolo): Late. New position Mobile Officer, reiterated what was on the Welcome thread. Hi Avenger. Usual events running, thanks to regular attendees.
    • Bridger (STO):After no longer getting ignored, I reported that SFO and KoK are doing as expected. I also revealed that all the stuff sponsored at last UFPAC was donated by Sammygm and if you need something send him a PM on the forum as often as you have to until you get it.
    • EaglesG (Ares): Everything is going fine, nothing in particular to report. Ares is doing very fine thanks to all of the participants !
    • Infinity (FAB): Not much has happened with FAB this month, staff are still doing their usual cool stuff.
    • JCarill0 (SFT): (no MIC tonight, sorry) Vivi has stepped down as Operations Officer for Starfleet Tactical. I wanted him to do what’s best and he still can CO-Host Events with Marcus without the obligations he had as Staff with Event reports.
      The Feb Staff meeting went well and I have posted the next SFT Staff Meeting - March 2018.

      I have posted a new Starfleet Tactical Roll Call - 2018.
      A Special Bridge Commander Anniversary Event in honor of its Launch Day March 8, 2002. Unfortunately, no one showed up.

      While I look for new staff, I went forward and posted Classic Trek Game Events for March 2018 which consists of the Special BC Event, Monthly Frag Night, Armada II, and Classic Trek Monthly Game Night. This Month will Feature Armada 1 after the recent news of a Win10 Patch which is unofficial since the game is no longer in development.

      I went ahead and set up the Classic Trek Game Events for April 2018.

      UFP ROLL CALL has helped me tremendously in finding out just who is wanting to be apart of the Starfleet Tactical Division. I have been able to reach out to them by VM or PM.
    • Lazereth (Tech): As always with engineering positions, if something breaks horribly, come to one of us and we will sort it for you. Other than that, I generally handle the security posture of the UFP, as well as dabbling in creating custom backend systems such as the recent spam prevention measures or automated raffle interface. If you have any questions about the backend of the UFP, or need technical assistance, feel free to let me know.
    • Ned’ya (STO-KDF): Absent
    • Noram (SFHolo): Holodeck has added a new event officer, Avenger, who will be focused primarily on mobile games, like Star Wars thingy and also others. We’re also looking at adding one more at this time.
    • Petrarch (SFA): Absent
    • Mack (STO-Fed): Hi everybody, I'm Mack - Starfleet Operations (SFO) Commanding Officer. Apologies for not having a mic today. I help run the federation side of Star Trek Online.
      SFO has recruited 4 Personnel Officers who are currently completing their first week successfully as STO Staff members after being setup. It's an exciting time for STO in general with upcoming expansion in the works and the activity seems great currently!
    • T’Tan (SFA): Absent. New role of SFA Professor was created with the help of FEO and internal advertising was started. The Professors will host events for SFA, e.g. the New Member Welcome Session and Trivia Nights. Petrarch is currently on paternal LoA and T'Tan will be on LoA from Wednesday, 14.03.2018, due to real life business trip. We were planning to run the first returning Trivia Night and New Member Welcome Session at UFPAC weekend, but so far there is no one able to host these events, yet.

    • Bedders to chat with Lazereth regarding DynMap & Whitelist - This was not done because Bedders is lazy.
    • “Who is Lazbank” question - Deferred to the next JSM.

    NOTE: Those who raise the agenda item are expected to help write the minutes for their item.

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