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[Announcement] - SFA Community Survey Results - Mar 2018

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T'Tan, Mon 26 Mar, 2018 8:42 PM
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    Greetings UFP Community,

    It is agreeable to present you the Community Survey Results for Starfleet Academy for March 2018.

    Thank you everyone for giving us feedback. If you like to bring up further comments, suggestions, or complaints feel free to make it so by contacting me or Petrarch via PM or submitting by the forum feedback form.

    Special thanks to our great SFA team for all the hard work you put into this quarter! Very good job!


    DEC 2017 APPROVAL: 99%
    MAR 2018 APPROVAL: 98%(-1%)


    Doing good.
    T'Tan Thank you!

    Petrarch Cheers!

    Academy days are well behind me, but it is always good to see the warm welcomes to new members from the staff at SFA.
    T'Tan Welcoming and supporting new members will always be the main function of SFA and all of our Recruit Support Officers are doing a very good job making it so.

    Petrarch After the application is processed, SFA is the first point of contact for new members, providing a friendly welcome and helping people settle in is a huge, important part of what we do and it's a job that the Academy RSO's carry out to an exemplary standard. We'll always be here with the welcome mat and a friendly ear.

    Membership has not slowed and they are processed timely. Frankly, I'm not sure how the team keeps up!
    T'Tan We currently have one of the biggest staff of SFA history. Still, incoming membership keeps us busy. All around, I only can thank our staff for doing exactly what we are all here for, but without losing the personal touch. Good job, team!

    Petrarch What T'Tan said. We're a big department, having busy times and quiet times, but we're always there for the members who arrive at our doors, old and new alike. The team do a fantastic job for many different people and I too congratulate them on a job well done.

    SFA is doing a fantastic job!
    T'Tan Thank you. It is very agreeable to hear.

    Petrarch Cheers! Glad to hear that folks are enjoying what we do.

    Proud to be a part of SFA!
    T'Tan We all are and glad you are enjoying your role.

    Petrarch Good to hear you're enjoying your time with SFA and we're glad to have you on the team.

    Starfleet Academy seems to be okay, the new event looks promising
    T'Tan Stay tuned, folks! Trivia Night is coming back, New Member Welcome Session will be hosted more frequently, and there might be more surprises to expect soon! A small hint:
    Keep an eye on the Volunteer Roles.

    Petrarch The Trivia Night relaunch and New Member Welcome Session are part of the Academy's efforts to increase our interaction with the community at large and that's lead on to another project that we hope to build on in the months ahead. We do have a few timing issues this month due to real life personal circumstances, but we're working in the background to resolve these so members don't miss out. The foundation has been laid, so it's time to start designing the house.... keep the hailing frequencies open for updates!

    New members seem to be onboarded well, with regular contact between RSO's and active members. ^,^
    T'Tan Glad to hear. SFA cares for the member experience for all UFP members, old and new. Also, there are many active members on in the community who support the RSOs in creating a welcoming atmosphere which is highly appreciated. Even more, this is what makes UFP so special.

    Petrarch New members, old members, SFA is here for them all! We all learn from each other to make our home here at UFP. As T'Tan said, the support from the community in creating that welcoming atmosphere is much appreciated.

    Not in fleet or seen enough to have a say.
    T'Tan You are always welcome in joining the discussions on the forum or chat in game and it also is fine if you just observe quietly. However, if there ever is anything we can help you with or if you have a suggestion or critique to offer please feel free to come to us!

    Petrarch We've people in the UFP who are active in-game but not the forums and vice versa, everything in-between and those who like to lurk in the background. It's all down to whatever the individual is comfortable with and is happy doing. Everyone is always welcome regardless of which path they choose to take. We're always open to suggestions, comments, even a friendly chat so please do contact us if you've something on your mind or have any questions. You can also make use of the Contact Us form if you wish to remain anonymous to submit feedback or address your query to all the command staff if you feel it warrants it.

    Totally needs improvement
    T'Tan Sure, there are always things that can be improved and we are well aware of that. So if you have any suggestions where to improve, the doors of SFA Command Office are always open for you - just contact me or Petrarch.
    Leaving this statement standing as it is, it is a little bit insulting to all of our staff because they all do their best in volunteering for the community. Everyone is spending their free time to make it work and in all honesty I do believe we have achieved to create a stable, well-organised, and evolving department of our community.

    Petrarch Are there things that could be improved? That could be done better or differently? Yup, there are and we're always keeping an eye on things to see how that can be done. Anyone is free to contact myself or T'Tan at any time. All queries will be seen, read, discussed and acknowledged in due course.

    To address the question more directly - the blanket "totally needs improvement" reads as if you feel everyone and everything in SFA ain't up to standards anywhere and that frankly comes across as insulting and dismissive, regardless of what your intentions may be. Staff members of SFA - as is the same with other departments - all volunteer their time, expertise and skills to help make this community what it is and we do our best to keep everyone in the loop of what we're up to, from the FEO to the regular members. SFA is a large, stable department, always on the lookout for new ideas and refining its existing operations to ensure a well oiled machine that keeps moving forward to provide a service for the community.
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