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ARP March 2018 Feedback

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Eaglesg, Wed 28 Mar, 2018 11:13 AM
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    ARP 240

    Hello everyone,

    Below are the March 2018 feedback comments for Ares. I would like to thank everyone for providing comments to help improve Ares !

    Also, Allan wanted to make a general response for everyone:
    Originally Posted by Allan Hood
    I'm glad to see so many people eager to be part of our mission and readers interested in our mission, too. I've bounced around and checked out other RPGs growing up and see a lot of potential with this one. Looking forward to seeing where the Ares takes us. LLAP
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    They are making posts, too long for me to read, but they look good!
    Eaglesg: I can assure you that they are very good !
    Nesta: Well, that shouldn't be a problem! After all, it's not required for people to read the ARP posts, but you're always welcome to write something in the Free Stories section of ARP.
    Glad to see it back running.
    Eaglesg: Thank you, I'm really glad too !
    Nesta: We're all quite glad to see it running, you're not the only one!
    Wonderful to see strong and regular activity. Even better to see such creativity and writing. Entertaining to follow and I already see some characters that I am liking and want to follow more. Like characters on your favorite TV show, you are always waiting to see more of their story lines. Good job everyone.
    Eaglesg: Thank you very much ! It is indeed very delightful to see the creativity of everyone involved in the main story and in the Free Stories section. I have to admit that I had a "TV show" ambition when we launched Ares Season 1, and the people participating have gone way beyond my expectations Smile
    Nesta: Really glad to see you comparing ARP to your favorite TV show! We strive to provide the best RP we can, and we're always happy to hear commentary like this.
    There is a LOT of activity with the restructuring and it's been fun to read all the participation.
    Eaglesg: A lot is the word, with all my sidework I have it's almost difficult to catch up without having more than 30 minutes of reading haha. I'm glad that you have fun reading it !
    Nesta: Indeed! I myself am very happy with the way ARP is going, and I'm quite excited to see how it is going to progress as time goes on.
    Ares RP seems to be getting a nice thing going! Congrats
    Eaglesg: It is indeed, thank you !
    Nesta: Thank you, unnamed person!
    Really enjoying being a part of this.
    Eaglesg: And I'm really enjoying that you are part of this Wink
    Nesta: Good! We work hard on providing good ARP.
    Ares, over the past few weeks I have been absolutely loving being CMO onboard the USS Ares, Eaglesg you have put so much effort into it and it is shown constantly. I have a geek out everytime a new post is added to the prelude!
    Eaglesg: Hello CMO Wink Thank you for your kind words, but I have to specify that I'm far for being the only one to take credits for all of this: Allan, deuZige and Nesta helped me a lot to make what Ares is today, and of course all of the roleplayers like yourself have to take credit for it's ongoing success.
    Nesta: Ah, I know who you are, unnamed person! We're happy to have you aboard as our CMO.
    Seems to be a lot of activity now that the new season has started up. I struggle to keep up with reading all the posts and writing that people are doing so that's gotta be more encouraging to the Ares team than any comments I can put here.
    Eaglesg: Thank you, it is really encouraging ! Take all the time you need to read the posts, they're not going away anytime soon Wink
    Nesta: It's quite encouraging indeed, we're driven to provide more and more ARP, but it couldn't be happening without all of you.
    Don't see much of Eaglesg but the story looks to be progressing
    Eaglesg: I expected a comment like this and you are totally right. I think I owe a little explanation to everyone (as the roleplayers are already knowing this).

    The reason is actually quite simple: It is mostly related to my IRL work. For those who don't know me, I'm working in a museum as a digital artwork restorer and this is something that can literally take ALL of my time as we currently have some big, big tasks (4h sleep/night, loving it) and a lot of unexpected work.
    Plus, you have to know that Ares is no different than any other divisions: there is work done "behind the curtain" (for example I want the best quality for the RP, so I decided to make dedicated graphics for it, involving the making of an U.S.S. Ares CGI model, 3D scene setup/lighting and rendering). It can be seen a futile work for some of you but I'm definitely convinced that it is really important for the RP to have it's own graphic identity.

    I could have easily stepped down "because I don't have enough time and blablabla" but no. I'm really honoured and happy that FEO (Kerry in particular) decided to put their trust on me for the huge transformation of Ares and I will continue to do my duty. Also, even if it does not always seem obvious, I really love (and put love into) this division !

    With all that said, I'm finding more stability between my IRL work and Ares background, so now that the RP is running fine my next goal will be to be more RP-present (and to find a flat in my current city to bring the cats here)
    Nesta: Eagle seems to be rp-shy, I agree. Show yourself more, Eagle!
    Totally get rid of it, it sucks
    Eaglesg: I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome Ares is.
    Nesta: Well... Thanks for your advice?
    Ares seems to be making good headway, with contributions still coming. Well done to all involved ^,^
    Eaglesg: Thank you sir !
    Nesta: Thanks!
    Not in fleet or seen enough to have a say.
    Eaglesg: As I always said if one day you have a say you can always submit it via the feedback form or directly to me via PM, I'll be happy to read it and discuss (oh, and welcome here !)
    Nesta: In that case, welcome! We're happy to hear any and all recommendations you have.
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    I'm a big fan of what you guys do here. And I tend to read all the stories from time to time. The member participants, the staff team and you yourself have put some great effort which shows.

    Looking forward to read some more.
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