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Lieutenant Christopher Cushing - Medical Officer

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    Lieutenant Christopher Cushing

    Character Information
    Gender : Male
    Species : Human
    Age : 30

    Physical Appearance
    Height : 182cm
    Weight : 75kg
    Hair Color : Auburn
    Eye Color : Green
    Physical Description : Tall and lithe, Christopher possesses a grace of movement. His facial features are marred by a scar across his left cheek, which he masks with a well groomed beard.

    Spouse : None
    Children : None
    Father : David Cushing (deceased)
    Mother : Anne-Marie Cushing previously Cartwright (deceased)
    Brother(s) : None
    Sister(s) : Mariella Cushing
    Other Family : None

    Personality & Traits
    General Overview : Christopher is a focused individual with a good sense of humour, speaks his mind.
    Strengths & Weaknesses : Christopher has an easy going, friendly manner with most everyone. His passion for his work is evident in all he does. He has a virulent dislike of the Borg.
    Ambitions : Christopher is working towards becoming an accomplished Trauma surgeon.
    Hobbies & Interests : Christopher enjoys fencing, movies and outdoor living.

    Personal History : Christopher and his twin sister were orphaned at an early age after his parents were killed when the USS Washington was lost in an engagement with the Borg. Taken in by a friend of their parents, Christopher waited until he was sure his sister was settled with her life before joining the academy. During the aptitude tests the Academy staff noticed that CHristopher's high school results favoured Life Sciences, so he was streamlined towards the medical program. Initially unhappy with his choice, once Christopher began the practical aspect, he discovered his calling.
    Service Record :
    2368-2374 - Starfleet Academy - Medical School
    2374-2376 USS Nightingale- Junior Medic
    2376-2379 USS Thunderchild- Medical Officer
    2379-2381 Starfleet Medical - Interspecies Trauma Training
    2381 USS Ares - Medical Officer