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[Announcement] - JUNE 2018 Community Survey Results

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Jonathan, Sat 23 Jun, 2018 10:12 PM
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    FAB 240
    Hello everyone,

    Another quarter, another set of results. FAB has done quite well, achieving a 99% approval rating which matches our previous quarter's results.

    Below is the feedback for the survey with my responses and that of some of the FAB staff. Should anyone wish to give any further feedback then please feel free to reply him or to PM myself.

    FAB spacer small

    Still run by a homo.
    Jonathan F-G: giphy

    Infinity: Yeah but he is our favourite homo, so it is okay!

    Bedders: An accurate, if a tad personal, assessment.

    Things appear to run smooth, no drama or flame wars, stuff gets done. Thumbs up.
    Like a well-oiled machine.
    Jonathan F-G: Thank you for the positive feedback!

    Infinity: We prefer a drama free environment and that is definitely what FAB is.

    Bedders: Thanks! We do try to maintain a high standard, and are greatful for the fact that most of our members are relaxed and don't start arguments ^,^

    I'm too much of a newbie to know - sorry
    Jonathan F-G: Well I look forward to hearing some feedback once you have had more time in the community. Any initial comments?

    Infinity: Welcome aboard! Hopefully you'll hear more about FAB in the future.

    Bedders: In that case, welcome to the UFP! Thank you for completing our survey.

    Not exactly sure what their current roll is.
    Jonathan F-G: As our title may allude to, we handle the administration side of the community including community moderation, signatures and graphics, and my role within FEO also means I handle the community's finances ensuring the funds our kind members donate to the UFP is used as efficient possible. I also submit accounts and other documents to Companies House in order for the UFP's non operational company to comply with our obligations under the Companies Act 2006. It's not particularly exciting but it is important to ensure the UFP keeps running.

    Infinity: I echo what Jonathan said, FAB is also the best department but I may be biased! Wink

    Bedders: Silynn had the best description for us a while ago: "For us in FAB, We basically keep things civil (Moderators), pretty (Graphics Team), and paid for (Financials)."
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