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Feedback - Feature Request

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Three of Seven, Tue 03 Jul, 2018 12:30 PM
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    Feedback - Feature Request

    The following feedback was sent via the feedback form.


    in the efforts of pushing the UFPs transparency even further, would you look into a page that automatically outputs all of the transactions of the UFP paypal account? this would show members what the money the ufp recieves is being used for. using the paypal api this can be done pretty easily

    thanks, i think this would be a good step forward if the transactions are public (can be restricted to cl3)
    We are unable to think of a case where this would more ideal than the current way we disclose our finances, which is through our quarterly financial reports, which get announced by Jonathan when he gets a chance, you can see the latest here. We can make sure to keep the latest one pinned, if that would help.

    We also feel that a live feed of PayPal transactions would most likley be misused, while your suggestion might be pure, some people might use something like this just to snoop, and generally be nosy. This could have an effect on the willingness of people to donate, or subscribe if they feel that someone can watch, and judge their contribution.

    As such, we will be sticking with the financial reports, hope that helps!