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14/07/2018 1800 hrs - Max CTA Mach Fleet

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thexpl0r3r, Sat 14 Jul, 2018 2:52 AM
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    Hi guys,

    I know that our community is not that active in Eve anymore, howewer as we still have a number of people in 'Almost Broken' alliance it would be very nice to see at least some of you online tomorrow. There is something big going on and anyone being able to attend will be more than welcome. Those who have access to Proviblock forum can check it here

    excerpt; post from CVA exec. corp CEO Equinox Daedalus
    okay dudes,serious real talk. we need max numbers tommorow, we need everyone and thier mother. if your alliance only brings 10 dudes, i swear to the empress i will consider reseting you. this is littearally the only thing we shoudl be doing. we need everyone. everyone. everyone i expect max particpation tommorow. this is your notice. we need 400 dudes. so call your mother, call your brother. call your freinds call your gfs, call your kids and tell them that you love them but you will be busy playing internet spaceships on a saturday night. this is litterally a 1 time a year cta, i am expecting you to do what you can to try to be here, get your alliance here, get your freinds here. we need Everyone. we have been preaching doctrines for months now, we all know what is expected. if you can't fly a ship i expect you to show up in USEFUL ships. not vigils. this is what we need.
    If you're willing to join and for any reason AFK can't provide assistance ping me either in game or here via forum PM, before 4PM GMT, and I'll get you in touch with people who can help out.

    I sincerely hope that at least some of UFP will be able to show up.

    Tomorrow will be a good day to die!

    Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam