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[Discussion] - Chapter 2 Thread

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Asteropax, Sat 04 Aug, 2018 1:39 AM
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    No problem! By the way, if you really want Thane to go on the jump, I've thought of a way for it to happen. As you see the way I'm playing Kurts, my first thought was that he wouldn't really be open to that. And in my head, he isn't, but that is as simple as just taking the machine to Lt. Sy and her not feeling comfortable with it, which basically forces Kurts' hand.
    I'm not fussed if Thane goes along or not. It just gives him something to do and allows him to see what their security teams are made of and maybe show a little of his own talents. Of course, Thane wants to go just to prove Kurt wrong at this point and take him down a peg. Or see if he is more than just talk. I'll make a quick edit and leave Kurt an out if he is truly not wanting to take someone down that isn't apart of his team to handle these pirates. Either way it'll help Thane judge what kind of officer Kurtis is. Either way it'll be a fun experience and take things in different directions!