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Ares Roleplay - Simulation Officer

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Asteropax, 6 Days Ago
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    Ares Roleplay - Simulation Officer
    aka Sims Officer
    CL4- Tier 4 ( Lieutenant Commander )

    With the recent departure of Nesta, we are looking for someone to step up and become a Sims Officer within the Ares Roleplay Project.

    The successful candidate must be willing to assist in driving the exciting and engaging storylines for the USS Ares, as well as directly interact with the other players involved - making sure that they're enjoying the experience and participating consistently. They must also be ready to step up in case of absences of other Staff Members.

    • To actively participate in discussions with staff on developing new story ideas
    • Be active with the other members of the role play to ensure continued participation
    • It is heavily encouraged to post in the Missions Page weekly to help further advance the story
    • The successful candidate of this role would report to Asteropax and Allan Hood

    • It is required that for this role, you must have passed and completed the Orientation Assessment, Officer Qualification Exam and the Command Exam
    • Prepare to be actively involved within the ongoing development of the Ares Roleplay Project
    • Check our section of the forum daily so we can get back to people with questions as soon as possible
    • Is it a CL4 position? Yes

    Send your application to: Asteropax. All I ask is that you are ready to participate within the Ares Roleplay Project.

    Interested in participating but not currently a member of the Ares Roleplay Project? Here is the link to the Crew Roster:
    Remember to scroll down to see Vacant Positions!

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