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Graviton/Tricobalt ideas

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Dutt, Fri 10 Aug, 2018 1:54 AM
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    Been trying to think of something new to make, I noticed the new gamma rep has a graviton deflector then upon closer inspection the 4 piece set bonus appeals to me even though the warp core doesn't impress me. I was going to start with a KDF Trill tac captain, and was thinking for consoles a sci ship with a 2 eng 5 sci 4 tac layout and the general idea being to max control specs and have drain as a secondary focus. Normally I'd never not use particle gens but I think I can use those spec points on the tac tree when I respec. So for consoles it would be something like a 1 resall, the gamma rep ordinance accelerator, 5 research lab controlx/drainx, and the rest some form of spire mine/tac console. I could throw in a rule62 somewhere and the console layout could also be 3/5/3. I wonder what a good ship would be boff wise and could I do any good dps in a queue. It could be lots of fun in something like core assault, especially the pvp portion at the end with traits like psychological warfare and invasive control programming, improved gravity well and some gnarly tykens rifts. Any thoughts or ideas?