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[Active] - Chapter 2 - Dorvan V

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    USS Ares
    Cargo Bay 2 - Office

    "Is it junk?"

    "No. Quite the opposite."

    "But it won't work, right?"

    "As far as I can tell, it should work exactly as intended, with a considerable margin for error, but less margin if worked by someone familiar with it. So basically, exactly what he told you. It's quite a nice bit of workmanship, really."

    "Oh, COME on, Caroline, that's not what I wanted to hear..."

    Kurts threw his hands up in exasperation. He paced around the cargo bay office, randomly strangling the air. Lt. Caroline Sy watched him, with a gleam of amusement in her eyes that she managed to keep away from her lips.

    "I'm sorry to disappoint you, Steven...looks like there's a good chance your team won't die outside an enemy shield."

    "That's not what I mean, Caroline...."

    "Then what do you mean?"

    "This transfer guy, he's just...he just got here, and he's already butting into mission briefings like he's been part of the crew forever. I mean, the arrogance just pours out of him. I just met him and he already seems insufferable. I was kind of hoping that his gizmo wouldn't work. You know, to kind of take him down a peg or two."

    Sy responded with the patient, patronizing tone of a middle school teacher. "I see. That can be very annoying. This Thane seems not unlike a young special forces Lieutenant who strolled off the transporter pad onto this ship as if he expected to hear a bosun's whistle announce his arrival. The same cocky, arrogant young lieutenant who I heard mocking Lieutenants Chase and Frost over their own plans for inflitrating the island during a briefing, what, three days ago?"

    "You're not funny, Caroline."

    "I know. It's why I'm an Outfitter instead of a comedian. Stop being so dramatic, Steven, I swear you make pouting into an art form. We both know that you value the mission over your pride, and that the only reason you don't like this Thane is because he's as confident as you are."

    "I don't like the color of his fur, either," mumbled Kurts.

    "Hush. You're going to want to look over these specs yourself for redundancy's sake, but your best bet is to let him operate it. It's a good design, similar to some of the shield crackers that the Starfleet Corps of Engineers worked on during the tail end of the war. Unfortunately, though, Starfleet regs mandate a lot more safety measures and testing to make this less feasible for us to put in the field. Now excuse me, I need to go out and speak to this charming visitor of ours, whom I haven't met, but already like."

    "That hurts, Sy."

    "Sickbay is on Deck 8," she said over her shoulder, as she strode back into the cargo bay.

    USS Ares

    Thane himself is in his own gear consisting of the Armour sans cape but he has his helmet with him which is resting under an arm. A sealable suit that provides an atmosphere and protection but isn't sealable like a space suit. Additionally he has his disruptor pistol side arm. He offers a hand to her "I'm Thane. Take a scan as you need, or I can run you through how it operates." He's got a small utility belt worn on with him.

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    "Pleasure to meet you, Thane. I'm Lieutenant Caroline Sy, head of the Outfitting Department." She cheerfully offered a small, pale hand to be swallowed by his large paw. "Our main goal is to help equip security officers for field operations, so if you ever need help or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me or any member of my staff."

    She motioned to a Bolian male and Human female, each with equipment in their hands.

    "A second scan won't be needed, Lieutenant Thane. We took the liberty of taking the initial cargo analysis scans of your armor as soon as we were informed you were added to the mission, and designing these additions to your armor. It should make it easier for you, so you won't have to go through the learning curve of completely new equipment. Petty Officer Keita?"

    The human woman approached with a relatively large piece of armor. If one looked closely, it could be envisioned as sticking securely and aerodynamically to the breastplate of Thane's suit. "This device is a localized sensor dampener. It's designed to soak in active scans to cloak your approach. It's by no means foolproof, but with the diversion being thrown up by the attack squadron, it should be enough to get you to the ground without being detected. It also contains a short range transmitter. I know your armor already contains it's own communications suite, but what makes this transmitter unique is that it uses rotating forms of low profile EM radiation to transmit voice communications during missions like this. The range is very limited, less than a kilometer, but its virtually guaranteed not to be detected, as it tends to get washed out with all the natural radiation in the environment. These transmitters just screen out the background for the specific patterns they're programmed to decode."

    "And this," said Sy, holding an
    "The next two items....well, they're a bit less complicated, but...." Sy continued, motioning for the Bolian to come forth. Taking a peek at Thane's waist and feet, she remarked, "I hope we got your size right...."

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