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[Active] - Chapter 2 - Dorvan V

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    Biqqs nodded as he listened to Thane's history. "Honor Guard. Remarkable." He said the latter more to himself, and paused to let him continue.

    Biiqs couldn't hide his shocked expression. He repeated, "Gratuitous amounts of violence," slowly, folding his arms across his chest. A loud bark of laughter emerged from him a moment later. "Why, I'm not sure if that is a joke or grave social analysis, but stars above and below, I've always found that to be true! From the time I enlisted, I thought I'd see amazing sights and visit strange new worlds, and I have, but it feels like I've been fighting Cardassians for most of my service. It is true...violence is indeed exploration's co-father."

    Thane looked rather pleased with the reaction he obtained from Biiqs at his own joke and it almost seemed that the man would understand his sense of humor! "Maybe it is both? Or maybe neither!" He'd grin wider at the laughter.

    "About myself I can tell you much, but I won't bore you. I'm a simple son of farmers, you could say, born on Earth, actually, and raised there and on a few colonies. When I came of age, after exploring a few other options, I enlisted in Starfleet and learned to beat my figurative plowshare into a figurative sword. Sorry, it's an Earth expression. I've seen extensive service on the Cardassian border prior to the war, mostly under Captain Jellico. You may have heard of him. And of course, I saw most the Dominion least beside the part I spent drifting on a wreck in a nebula. But that's the short list. Nothing as distinguished as your Honor Guard, but I've picked up a handful of decorations here and there. As I said, I spent some time on the Klingon border post war. Developed a love for Klingon Opera. I didn't quite participate in an officer's exchange program, but I did participate in a few joint anti-piracy operations. You wouldn't know a Captain Kemtara, would you? Daughter of Kator, of the House of Noggra." He looked wistfully in the distance for a moment. "It was a horrible, horrible operation, flawed from start to finish. We were constantly at each others throats. I actually think we're engaged to be married now, but I could never tell if her puncturing my spleen was a formal proposal or....."

    Thane listened quietly as Biiiqs talked about his history as it was quite interesting to learn about people as they talked. Especially as they liked to ramble and the surface thoughts brought forward as Biiqs spoke were rather fascinating to match. He'd nod at Biiq's question concerning the Captain "I have heard of her, never worked with her though. As for the idea of marriage that is quite far from how it all goes. You two being at each others throats would be quite common considering how most Klingons view Federation tactics and ideals. Her puncturing your spleen, if that was ALL she did.. well context matters of how the spleen was ruptured." He snorted.

    "If you're interested in her which judging from certain emotions I can feel, I could give you pointers on how to get the attention of such a female." A bit of a chuckle following at the end of that.

    "Well, I'm rambling now. Enough about me; we'll come to know each other better over the duration of the mission. As far as the department, I am a recent transfer from the USS Lakota, but in the short time I've known them, I've been in a ship to ship action with multiple opponents, a zero-G firefight with terrorists, helped to disarm a series of explosives, and directed a ground action led by a handful of our departments tech experts," he said, ticking off the points on his fingers. "And they've served admirably in all tasks. It's only been a handful of days, but I can tell this is a solid security department, and we've had more gratuitous amounts of violence than some ships experience in entire missions."

    At this, he grinned. "So yes, you've come to the right ship. It is named after an ancient Earth war deity, and it seems to be living up to its name. All I expect of you is to learn and impart what you have learned over your years of service to the betterment of us all. Comport yourself in a manner in accordance to Starfleet regulations, and see me if you wish to discuss anything about those regulations. That's all I expect from officers - do their duty in a manner that brings honor to themselves and the service, and work out any problems like the professionals they are. Off duty? Make friends, contacts, and allies for your personal and professional enrichment, and not problems. Simple enough."

    At that he stood. "Well it seems like it's about that time. Would you accompany us to the briefing room?"

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    The rest that Biiqs brought up truly had Thane just on the edge of fascination up until the point he had to conduct himself in a manner according to Starfleet Regulations. That was going to be a bad time all around for him in the future, the Ferasan could foresee. "Well for the first part It seems this ship does have quite an adventurous side, I was present for part of that rather interesting debacle. To bad I was not present in full though, instead confined to my room. Would of loved to have been involved." He would nod though "Sure, lead on to the briefing room." Turning and then walking out of the office in a rather fluid manner, the Ferasan would wait outside for Biiqs and the other to accompany him to the briefing room.

    "I will give you forewarning now though just so it doesn't come as a possible surprise. I may chafe significantly when it comes to your Starfleet Regulations. You've been around Klingon culture enough to know how a Klingon will mesh with your more softer, kinder take towards many situations." He glanced at the walls, then a security officer they passed who still carried a Phaser. "Am I to be required to use one of your phasers? Or am I good to employ my own?" He asked, motioning down to the holstered disruptor pistol on the upper thigh. "I can stun with it as needed." He would add, another joke? He'd leave that pause hanging in the air a little before finally adding "It is modified. Aside from a good clubbing the secondary emitter is capable of a 'stun' setting. Still leaves incredible burns however so.." He'd finally add.

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    A Joint Post by Asteropax, WelshAvenger, & Sylinn

    USS Ares
    Deck 2 – Captain’s Office

    Captain Teriir lifted up the PADD containing Jei’s case and made a duplicate of it for Christopher so he’d be able to read through it. He had to admit something as he passed it over to the Doctor, “After hearing about her case earlier this morning, one of our Security Officers took it upon himself to take a closer look. He brought a few issues with the case to my attention and I’d like you to hear about it from him. Go ahead, Mr. Locke.”

    Ian Locke had a serious expression across his face as he joined them, having remained unseen by Christopher and Jei. He directed his statements towards Jei, “Summarizing the case as it stands, Starfleet Prosecutor Fievel Abrams believed there was enough evidence from testimony given by three of your peers and in your quarters to convict you. Those accusers were Hunter Basset, Kendrick Lucas, and Jared Christianson. All of them went on to graduate and given fairly prominent positions as Medical Officers. Is that correct?”

    Christopher has slowly turned red with fury, “They were rewarded?”

    Jei shrugged, as she really didn’t know. In her mind, it was a bad memory that she had long locked away. More so, she rather not to relive that horrible time. “I guess so. I… well nothing mattered what I said to the investigating provost. It was my word versus the group of them… and no one stood by me in defense. Everyone turned a blind eye…” explained Jei, unconsciously her hands were balled into fists.

    “Hunter’s family is deeply involved in politics on Alpha Centauri, similar to Jared’s family on Deneva. Kendrick has connections through Starfleet as he has an Uncle deeply involved in Starfleet Operations. The three of them have some solid connections to call on to support their careers,” Locke informed them before smirking, “Or rather had solid connections.”

    Those last words caused Christopher to perk up, “What did they do?”

    Jei remained silent, feeling that karma played out where justice did not. The cadets and classmates she remembered were all bad apples, rotten to the core. But even now she would not speak out against them, seeing no need too. More so, she learned a lesson long ago that it was better to say nothing than to speak up as her trust in the system had long been lost.

    “In short, Hunter was imprisoned for extorting patients and Jared for starting up a black market for medicines. Kendrick was stripped of rank following misconduct aboard the starship Leonidas,” the Security Officer explained with a smile on his face when he mentioned the later.

    Teriir snorted, unable to stop himself from letting out a laugh, “Oh geez, the Leonidas is both your Father’s ship and the current Flagship of the 6th Fleet!”

    “My Dad was a Rear Admiral when that happened; He was only promoted to Vice Admiral to command that fleet a little over a week ago,” Ian shrugged at the presentation of his own family connections, silently telling Jei and Christopher he was not one to flash them around.

    “That’s all very interesting but how does any of this apply to Jei’s situation?” Christopher enquired.

    Jei didn’t react, but was surprised by the revelation of Ian’s family connection. She locked that tidbit away but made a mental note to watch what she said or did around the Lieutenant in Security.

    “I guess your point is that there is enough there to question the credibility of the people who accused Ms. Han,” the Captain observed, noting Jei’s subtle shift at Locke revealing his family connections. She wouldn’t have to worry about him as his entire family was taught to never engage in questionable activities. In fact, his father was the only member of the Locke to reach the rank of Captain, let alone Admiral, in 10 generations of service. Focusing on the topic at hand once more, he needed to ensure they weren’t being unfair and covering all angles, “Nothing against our mutual hopes that she’s proven innocent, but there is more to consider with this because their deeds were done afterwards, not before. I must also point out your own bias in her favor.”

    Ian looked right back at him, “My bias is based on the fact that I previously cleared a Starfleet Officer of wrongdoing. But you are right to point this out as the person I cleared is nowadays my wife.”

    Christopher frowned, “So I should propose to Jei’s accusers and get them to admit their wrongdoings?”

    “Admit their wrongdoings? I don’t believe people like that would ever think they are wrong. Why not just force a mind meld or use a betazoid investigator. Besides the recording, I asked the provost and offered myself to undergo either of those to prove my innocence, but he just said no,” commented Jei.

    “That’s not an option, Doctor. As for that recording, I’ll do some digging to see about getting a copy so we can see it or a transcript as soon as we can,” Ian commented, “Besides, there is something else though which ties them to Prosecutor Abrams in this specific case on the terms of bias.”

    Teriir instantly interrupted him as he had more about that to share, “His nephew was friends with one of the disgraced officers thus, for the sake of removing bias, he should never have been involved in your case, Ms. Han.”

    “Wait, he had a personal connection to the case and it wasn’t disclosed or picked up during the investigation?” Christopher asked with incredulity.

    “It wouldn’t surprise me… and I do remember Cadet Abrams being good friends with Cadet Basset. Cadet Abrams was there in the library that day I asked Hunter to leave me alone and to stop touching me. He suggested I go to a party with him… or else. I told him I wasn’t interested in him or wanted nothing to do with him,” informed Jei.
    “Hunter Basset’s roommate to be exact,” the Security Officer was looking at him in surprise while also making an expression to show he was making a mental note about the group and this event she remembered, “How do you know that?”

    “Lucky guess,” he replied, “I knew the name was familiar after I learned Filo Abrams has been arrested for his involvement in the plot against the Federation and Cardassia. He’s currently aboard the Athena which has just entered the system just a short while ago. I can see about having him brought here first so you can question him about this matter.”

    “Oh, you can guarantee that we have a few questions for him.” Christopher saw the look on the faces of the officers around him. “I’m sorry Captain, Mr Locke, if there’s one thing I hate in this universe, it’s cowards and hiding behind privilege and lying to avoid consequences breeds cowards.” Christopher proclaimed.

    “You’ll get no argument out of me,” the Captain agreed as he entered commands to his console for the security teams to bring Abrams over to the Ares for a review, “We’ll start looking into things right away.”

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