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[Announcement] - “United Free Peoples” ~ A LoTRO Kinship

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Saelanna, 3 Days Ago
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     –  Last edited by Saelanna; 2 Days Ago.
    Greetings UFP!

    My online game of choice is Lord of The Rings Online. I’ve played this game for over 11 years now (since the closed beta). I’ve taken a very leisurely approach to the game and still haven’t reached the level cap (every time I get close they increase the maximum level). I thought it would be very pleasant to wander around Middle Earth with some of you lovely folks should any of you have an interest in playing LoTRO.

    To this end I have founded a new kinship on the EU-EN-RP (EU English Role Play) server Laurelin. The kinship is called “United Free Peoples” (can you see what I did there Wink). Feel free to add me to your friends list; the only character currently in the kinship is my elf hunter that you probably won’t be surprised to hear is called “Saelanna”; my husband will be assisting me to get all of my characters invited later on this evening. I have a ton of LoTRO points that I've built up over the last few months which I'm going to use to purchase a premium kinship house when we reach the appropriate rank.

    See you in Middle Earth!
    Saelanna Medals