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Story - Star Trek: Disavowed Part 3

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    Chapter 29 - Enigmas

    Laz finally left the bridge. He secured his station, and walked up to the turbolift. He held the door as a security guard, also just relieved, got into the lift.

    "Deck 4" Laz told the lift. The guard waited patiently, not giving a destination. Laz found this either unusual, or he wants privacy. Laz got off on his stop, and nodded to the guard as he walked past him, and into the corridor. He was near his quarters, so he walked over.

    He paused for a moment, just outside the detection range of the doors. There was nothing there for him. Nothing but the past and the future. There was a holodeck nearby. Laz made his way over there, silently brooding. The door opened, and Laz walked in, to late aware that someone else was already in there.

    Jade looked round as the doors opened, but her senses told her that no one was there. She turned to look.

    "Hello Laz.... sorry... Lt" she smiled.

    "I'm off duty. Call me Laz." He looked around the simulation that she was running. It was a world he did not recognize. Her home? Maybe. I'm sorry for intruding." He turned and started to leave.

    "It's alright, really" she motioned for him to join her. "I was just trying to get some r and r, won't you join me?"

    Laz felt his heart tug at the invitation. 'Leave', it seemed to scream. 'You have your heart to someone else. Walk away.'

    Laz smiled. "Sure. I could use the sun."

    "Great" she smiled as he walked over and sat down. "we're on Drax Prime, my homeworld."

    "Drax, Drax... I think I've heard of it. Is it all this nice?" A lie.

    "Some." she looked at him, his face and body language saying he wasn't as keen as he seemed. "Haven't been home since I joined Starfleet, a lot of years this way I can visit whenever I want." she looked out over the water. "I really miss it sometimes."

    Laz thought of his own home, so close, yet so far away, never to be seen again. "I know how you feel. But that is the price we pay for the lives we choose to lead."

    Jade looked curiously at Laz, she couldn't sense anything from him and she wanted to know why. "Is there some particular reason I can't sense you?." she moved so she was sitting facing him. "It's strange for me.... I'm used to being able to sense everyone and I can't sense you."

    Laz blinked, and scratched the back of his neck. "Why? Is it disturbing that the only way you have to know of my presence is that fact that you can see me, and touch me?"

    "It's not disturbing as such" she paused, "It's.... fascinating I guess. Someone I can't read and is therefore a mystery."

    Laz laughed. His foul mood dissolving away. "There are more things 'tween heaven and Earth. A mystery can be good for you. Besides, it would probably make a diversion from all the complaints you hear in your line of work."

    "Yeah that's true." she nodded noting a slight hint of an accent in his voice, "so you're..... Scottish?" she smiled.

    "Aye. I'm a Scottish lad." He dropped into a thick and drawling highland accent. "Mae uncle Ian, (bless his soul) was a good man, who still lives."

    He dropped the accent. "Is that good enough for you?" He grinned.

    "I always did like Scottish accents" she smiled, "gonna give me any more clues about the mystery that is..... you?"

    "Don't you Doctors of body and mind have such a thing as secrets?" Laz looked up into the false sky. "We all do."

    "Sorry!" she smiled, "it's just..... as much as I love a good mystery I love solving them even more!!"

    "I never had that problem. I don't worry about mysteries." Laz realized that was an odd attitude for a scientist. Maybe he should work on that. "All solutions will come in time."

    "Okay change of subject, why is it you don't mind being around me when quite a few others on this ship consider me no more trustworthy than a borg drone?." she let her senses train on him awaiting an answer.

    "Oh! Is that what they are?" Laz looked at her. "I thought it was a fashion statement!" He looked down. "Oi. No wonder."

    "Can't say I blame them, I was borg." she looked out over the water again. "I have the memory of every single face of the people I helped to assimilate. I wish I didn't but I do.... I think that is more than enough punishment for what I used to be." she looked back at him and grinned, "Okay enough of my whining, what's up Laz?”

    "What's up? Oh, our bounty hunter friends, and I use that term loosely, decided to shoot the Fleet CO. And got away with it." Talking about something else while he prepared his real words. You know, I've been on this ship for a week, and no one has bothered to talk to me outside of being on duty. I mean, you have the excuse of the borg, but my problem is slightly more unusual."

    "What's that?" she looked at him.

    "I am a nice guy!"

    "So what's wrong with that?." she smiled, "nice guys are the best sort or so I thought."

    "Well, I am talking to you. With both of us off duty."

    "So you are" she grinned "and you're quite welcome to talk to me for as long as you wish. To be honest I like talking with you."

    Laz tried to stop from blushing. How was he going to respond to that?

    Jade smiled, "so you free later?.... I don't have an ulterior reason, just wondered if you wanted to meet up again?."

    Laz swallowed. This was not what he expected. Was he being drawn into the web that he had sucsessfully kept out of for years? "S.. Su... Sure." He managed to stutter, Jade laughing the entire time. "Talk to you later?"

    Laz managed to keep his dignity as he left the holodeck, thankful that his quarters were just a few steps away.
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