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Story - Star Trek: Disavowed Part 3

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    Chapter 15 - Loyalties

    "Are you sure that you want to do this, bro?" asked a concerned Lance Walker as he and Halloway walked through the 'Fleet decks torwards the councellor's office.

    Halloway nodded and stopped in front of the door. "I have to. Some things just have to be done."

    "Fine, just be stubborn about it. I'll wait for you out here."

    Halloway turned away and entered the councellor's office. "You're a nervous guy, Lance. You should be in here, not me."

    As he entered the office, the councellor's secratary gave him the once over. "Can I help you?"

    "Probably not." Halloway replied. "But I think that the councellor can. The name is Halloway."

    "One moment."

    Jade looked up as the door opened, a young woman popped her head inside to tell her that was someone waiting to see her. Walking to the door she smiled.

    "Hello, you know you can come in." she grinned and motioned for him to enter. Once he was inside her office she motioned for him to sit, before sitting down on the opposite sofa.

    "You don't have to be so uptight you know" she smiled, "I may be ex-borg but I don't assimilate and I certainly don't bite...what can I do for you?."

    Bobby wanted to make a wisecrack at her earlier comment, but he refrained. "Just thought it would be 'healthy' to see a head shrinker."

    "Thanks for the vote of confidence" she shook her head but smiled all the same.

    "Where should I start?" he asked. "How my father refused to take me to the zoo when I was a kid, or how I'm deathly afraid of chocolate pudding?"

    "Are you serious?" she grinned. "Sorry but I can't see either of those being the real reason you're here."

    His brow furrowed. "Didn't think you would actually take me seriously on those comments. I was just kidding. How about you ask a few questions, break out the ink blots, and we'll go from there."

    "I haven't had much of a chance to memorise personnel files yet but from what I recall yours was mostly classified anyway." she sat down opposite. "How's about you start with what really brought you here."

    Halloway smiled. "And what if I don't want to tell you, Miss."

    "I'm an empath, and I'm also a telepath... which in short means I can sense what you're feeling and if I wanted to I could read what you're thinking..." she paused. "however I don't believe in prying, so it's up to you to tell me."

    "Well ma'am, seems like I really don't have to tell you jack, because you can just invade my mind whenever you want. You can try and play nice, but how am I suppose to believe that you won't just jump into my noggin?

    "Trust me" she smiled. "a lot of people around here don't and that's part of the problem.... maybe you can prove them wrong. Tell me about you...what do you like to do in your off hours?, what do you do for fun?."

    He couldn't help but to laugh. This was really amusing him. "Trying to flirt now? What's wrong, couldn't straight out and ask me if I had a girlfriend?"

    "It's not a chat up!" she grinned. "I'm simply trying to find out more about you... as a patient and a person."

    "I see." he replied. "Hmmm let's see, I like to play checkers, shoot weapons, and destroy things. On my free time I like to have several alcoholic beverages and try to pick up women."

    "Not exactly the most healthy thing to do, don't you agree?"

    He shook his head. "No, I think it's quite healthy to down a few brew and go home with a complete stranger. A person learns a lot from those experiences. Hell, sometimes you can actually develop a nice relationship."

    "I'm not going into that one," she smiled. "what about your work?"

    "My work?" he repeated. "Now that classified, you should know that. But let's just say I'm in the waste disposal unit."

    "I'm not asking you to go into details, I'm just asking how you feel about what you do." she looked at him as though studying his reaction to being asked.

    Halloway shrugged. "Never really thought about it. You have to have a strong stomach for my line of work. Lots of blood and gore."

    "Does it bother you?, you do have to remember all those does it make you feel?."

    "They're just faces." he replied. "Nameless faces who needed to be stopped."

    "Don't play Mr Tough with me...." she looked at him, her eyes meeting his to show her sincerity. "all I want to do is help you, now you came here for a reason... tell me."

    He looked at her for a moment and nodded his head. "Alright, I'll tell you. But you have to tell me a little about you first. I don't like expressing my feelings to absolute strangers."

    "I can understand that" she nodded. "It wasn't easy for me getting back in amongst normal people after being with the Borg."

    He nodded. Bobby had heard all kinds of stories about ex-borgs and their experiences. "Man, that must've been rough."

    "Yes it was" she nodded.

    "I've read reports about people wanting to hear all of those voices in the collective again. They said it's like a sense of peace..a drug so to say. Do you ever think about that?"

    "I used to" she paused. "for a while it's all you hear, them calling you back... you have to learn to ignore it and drive yourself on."

    Bobby listened closely and nodded. "Do you hold nothing but animosity torwards the Borg then?"

    "To be honest... I don't know." she smiled. "I have a memory full of faces and voices of people I don't know who were assimilated. It's hard but life goes on."

    "I would." he replied and stood up to leave. "Well thanks for the conversation. It was enlightening."

    "Hold on one minute..." she looked at him wanting to probe his thoughts but she resisted the temptation. "let me guess.... you're testing me?."

    "You should've sensed my thoughts." he said. "I'm just fine mentally. I was just ordered to go on a RECON mission, that's all. Now I've got the information I needed, so I'm going back to work. Goodbye Counsellor."

    Jade stood with her mouth open, she could understand the crew being uncertain of her but this....

    Before he left he called back to her. "Don't take it personally. It's just business."

    "Business!" she shook her head. "Just Business.... "

    She watched him go before turning around, her temper flared but she kept it in check. She only hoped Halloway's little recon mission worked in her favour.

    Jade sat in her office fuming over the fact that Halloway was sent to test her, what if she had scanned him... what would they have done?. She could understand the necessity of testing her but it still made her mad.

    Sitting there she heard a faint noise remembering the hidden communications device she had in her office she locked the office door before retrieving it from it's hiding place.

    “What now?!” she looked at the face on the tiny screen.

    “Not a good day Jade?” Artis looked at her inquisitively, “Not getting along? You can come home you know.”

    “It's not THAT bad.” she shook her head. “I’m just trying to fit in that's all. I don't want to come home, not just now anyway.”

    The man on the screen smiled, “I didn't think you would. You never were one to back away from a challenge.”

    Jade sighed, “Is there some particular reason why you're calling me?” She looked at the screen. “This ship is more enhanced than anything I've seen they might track the signal.”

    “Did they track the last communication?.”

    Jade squirmed, “No.. but..”

    “Then they won't, this device is designed to emitting a jamming signal you know that.” Said Artis.

    Jade nodded, the last thing she needed was to get herself into trouble for receiving unauthorized transmissions on a vessel that, until recently, she didn't even know existed.

    He continued, “We'll have a ship in and out of the system for the forseeable future. It's mainly going to be responsible for getting new ally's for the bureau and more training area's for the forces. I thought you should know they've been told to accept your orders should you require any assistance at any time.”

    Jade blinked in surprise, “My orders? I'm not that highly ranked in the forces.”

    “But you are our only contact outside of our system Jade, and the only Drax in Starfleet.”

    “That's very.... kind.” she smiled briefly. “I have to go, I have some more exploring to do we're leaving on a mission.”

    Artis smiled patiently, “Very well Jade. Good luck.”

    With that he was gone, Jade placed the small device back in it's hiding place before heading out of her office to explore her new ship.

    Jade had left her office and started walking trying to calm herself down a bit. For a counsellor she wasn't one to be around when she was angry so she tended to take walks to cool off.

    Heading to the turbolift she decided to do some exploring, as she'd never served aboard an Intrepid class ship before it was going to be a whole new experience learning her way around. It was best to get lost now rather than during an emergency.

    A few minutes later she'd explored one or two places not bothering to go right along each deck she came to as she'd be at it all day. Stepping out of the turbolift at the next deck she came to she immediately stopped to re-think her choice as she found herself on what must have been the deck where the marines were based, her senses immediately picked up the fact that she wasn't entirely welcome and the fact she'd turned every head in the corridor didn't help. She nodded politely as she walked forward.

    “Don't mind me.... just looking around.”

    Making her way along the deck she refused to be intimidated, Halloway had checked her out now it was her turn to repay the favour.... she carried on walking slowly and deliberately taking in her surroundings. When she was done she made her way back to the turbolift, smiling to herself she told the lift her destination.
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