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[Announcement] - EVENTS SEP Community Survey Results

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Sammygm, Sun 23 Sep, 2018 10:25 PM
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    SEP EVENT APPROVAL: 97% (-1%)

    Stellaris is probably hosted by the worst event host EVER, I mean come on, actually jk, but we do need more events.
    JCarril0: You should start seeing more Blizzard Games hosted soon as well! Starcraft 2 for PC and Diablo 3 for PC/PS4, plus Overwatch (PS4).

    Bedders: You're right, we do need more events and for that we need more volunteers across all of our divisions! Also regarding Stellaris - it's the attendees that make it the worst event ever, I mean, I get locked in a Teamspeak room with you all every week, it's horrific I tell you! /s

    Arlu3n: Yeah, I totally agree. Worst host ever Big Grin jk.

    I've had to pull back from attendance due to RL events getting in the way, but I'm glad to see events are happening.
    Sammygm: We hope you can come back soon!

    Bedders: Hope everything's ok. Events are still happening but not at a frequency we'd like, and the approval rating shows that with a decline.

    Arlu3n: As I always say, RL comes first. But I hope that you can come back soon!

    I have absolutely no problems with how things are run thus far, regardless of the field. You have provided me with all the information and assistance that I could possibly ask for. I am not yet experienced enough in the community to make a thorough assessment, however.
    Bedders: In which case, I hope you're settling in well, and if you have any questions please let someone know and we'll be glad to help!

    Arlu3n: It's always great to hear that everything runs without problems Smile

    Everything is WoW.
    Sammygm: If you want to see other events, I do insist you help us out, we're currently understaffed in the events area.

    Three of Seven: WoW, and a couple of other games get support because people have stepped up to help run those events, the only way there will be more variation is if more people volunteer to become an event officer. It's not realistic to expect a handful of people to run a wide range of events in their spare time, we usually only ask event officers to host one event a week, because it is time of their own they are freely volunteering to help out.

    Bedders: Not everything, but with the recent expansion released there is a lot of focus on it. But as Sammy has said (frequently) if you want a greater variety be the change you want to see! If you're available to attend an event, you're available to host one too - if you're not confident hosting events please drop me a PM and I'll be happy to discuss any concerns.

    200w d

    I see plenty, just that most of the time they are at times I am unable to attend. Which is fine. Just hope those hosting the events are getting people to show-up. My only suggestion would to be vary the days and times of some static events. Not drastically, but some. See if it helps participation.
    Sammygm: You could always ask the host if the days and times can be changed. Some events though, are impossible to change, like the WoW raids, as they have been set up to fit our current Raiding teams time schedule.

    Three of Seven: In my experience of static events, they are usually reoccurring because participation in those is steady, and you usually know how many will turn up, especially with something like WoW as Sammy said, it can't change. There does need to be more variety across the board, no doubt, but that requires more volunteers.

    Bedders: Static events are either down to the availablility of the event host, or more often the regular attendees. If you want to see an event at a different time when you can attend, please apply to one of our divisions and host it Smile

    Events are hosted regularly in my timezone and there's a lot on offer, with a focus on newer games (because that seems to be what the members move to playing).
    Sammygm: I unfortunately do not agree with your assessment. We have severe lack of events currently going on, especially STO ones. The problem is that we do not have enough volunteers to fill in the STO gaps.

    Bedders: Thanks! You're correct in that newer games generally get more of a focus, but we try to offer a variety for everyone to enjoy. But as Sammy has said, there's been a marked decrease in the frequency of events due to a lack of volunteers.

    I just joined and have no experience in how things function here.
    Bedders: I hope you're settling in well, and if you have any questions please let someone know and we'll be glad to help!

    Arlu3n: Feel free to message us and to drop in during one of our events, so you can get to know us and how everything works Smile
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