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FAB Community Feedback - September 2018

Started By:
Jonathan, Sat 06 Oct, 2018 4:39 PM
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    Hello all,

    Below is the belated feedback and my departments responses. FAB has done rather well, getting an approval rating of 98%.

    Thank you to those who have provided feedback but as always, if anyone would like to provide feedback then please feel free to PM me or provide feedback using the feedback form.

    FAB 240

    FAB spacer small

    Still gay, don't think it can get any gayer though.
    Jonathan F-G: giphy

    Bedders: FAB can very definitely get gayer.

    More winning on this team!
    Jonathan F-G: Always winning!!

    Bedders: ALL THE WINNING!!

    Infinity: We never stop winning! Big Grin

    I have absolutely no problems with how things are run thus far, regardless of the field. You have provided me with all the information and assistance that I could possibly ask for. I am not yet experienced enough in the community to make a thorough assessment, however.
    Jonathan F-G: This feedback has been provided to most departments/divisions by this member but thank you for your feedback. Should you wish to provide a more thorough assessment once you have more experience of the UFP, then please feel free.

    Bedders: Thanks! When you're more experienced please do let us know the results of your thorough assessment Smile

    Appears more or less still running efficiently and quietly in the background. Nature of this group. Though, must say that we have a good community as rarely see any moderator action. That says a lot, in a very good way. Kudos to all.
    Jonathan F-G: A lot of the moderator actions are either completely behind the scenes, using tool developed specifically for the UFP by Jordan and Lazareth, or the action is taken so quickly that most would never know there was a issue. This is a credit to the bespoke system developed by Jordan and Laz, and of course by our great moderators!!

    Bedders: As you said, a lot of what we do happens in the background. It's nice to also have a community that doesn't require any real moderation, as you're all wonderful people! Thank you!

    Infinity: We are quite stealthy in our moderating! Thanks to Jordan and Laz for all the little goodies they've added for us.

    The forums seem clean of spam and anything inappropriate gets removed quickly. A fab job from FAB!
    They operate like a well-oiled machine.
    Jonathan F-G: Good to hear that we are doing our job!! Big Grin

    Bedders: The only oiled one amongst us is Infinity, otherwise he gets rusty.

    Infinity: Thanks! We try our best. Big Grin

    I only joined ten minutes ago.
    I just joined and have no experience in how things function here.
    Jonathan F-G: A warm welcome!

    Bedders: Welcome! I hope that you enjoy your time here on our forums Smile

    Infinity: Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy the community.
    Jonathan Medals