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Feedback - General Enquiries

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Three of Seven, Sat 20 Oct, 2018 4:20 PM
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    Feedback - General Enquiries

    The following feedback was sent via the feedback form.

    I believe that <redacted> May have been posting picture in violation to the site rules in the chat box because other are saying it. I have not opened the document
    Being that this was anonymous feedback, we could not message the individual in question. There were no rules broken in this case, the link was not in violation of any rules, one person said it was in breach of the rules in jest. Reporting without actually knowing the content generally isn't a good idea, either leave it for a moderator to check out, someone else to report, or take a gamble and look at the offending material, then report.

    Additionally, the feedback form is not for reporting incidents, please look on the FAB page here and send a PM to a Global Moderator if you see something you think might be breaking the rules, and they will get back to you.