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Events Community Feedback - December 2018

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Sammygm, Sat 12 Jan, 2019 12:53 PM
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    DEC EVENT APPROVAL: 98% (+1%)

    I can't attend them as I used to, but I see them around and I have the impression they are being supported!
    Sammygm: We do indeed try our best to keep them supported! Hopefully you'll find the time join our events again.

    JCarrill0: Thanks for the input, don't worry about attending every event, we should always have more for you to attend.

    Bedders: Thanks, we try to ensure currently played games are supported but more attendees is always a welcome thing Smile

    Arlu3n: I hope that you get some time to attend more events again, they are fun! Big Grin
    Attendance seems to be an ongoing issue, but that's not the fault of any one department and is affecting all branches.
    Mack: It's an issue but I've definitely seen an improvement in STO. December is pretty festive and people do tend to spend time with family, friends and loved ones - which is fair! With that said, I do agree with you - and hopefully we have more community members showing up at hosted events!

    Sammygm: Echoing what Mack said. Attendance and overall availability of events is something we're actively trying to work on. As you can imagine it's not such an easy task as it would sound. Though I must say I was quite pleased with the events and the attendance of Pre-UFPAC week, and I hope we can keep it going for the next one! If you or anyone else in helping us with this endeavor, you can contact Bridger, Mack, and Novalance for STO, Noram and Bedders for Non-Trek Games, Jcarillo for other Trek games, or Myself for general inquiry.

    JCarrill0: Slow season, but as always we will remain available to host events for the community!

    Bedders: Attendance ebs and flows with the time of year, but it would be nice to see more people attending events Smile

    Arlu3n: Yep, I agree. On some events we get many attendees and on some we barely get one.
    I see plenty, but don't know how they fare or what the attendance is like. It's a tough job, thus kudos to all staff who plan and host events.
    Sammygm: Unfortunately a lot of events can be hit or miss. We have events that do really well and always gets attended and then there are some that don't.

    Mack: The best way to find out is to attend them! Every attendance counts really!

    JCarrill0: Thank you very much, while it can be discouraging, we do it because we enjoy playing and want other to be able to enjoy it with us.

    Bedders: Feel free to attend any that you can! Thanks for your kind words too Smile

    Arlu3n: Thank you, we appreaciate the kudos Big Grin Attendance is high and down, mostly depending on the game.
    Last time I bumped into Novalance's rTFOs runs. I forgot the old ground maps, had to rememember from old ages what to do and I had a great time. Kudos to Nova for setting up these easy going fun rounds!
    Mack: Nova also possesses great fun event ideas, not just the regular ground and space events! He's great with events!

    JCarrill0: Cheer to Nova Congrats
    Merry Christmas!
    Sammygm: Happy Halloween!

    Mack: Thank you! I hope you had a great one as well!

    JCarrill0: Happy New Year!

    Bedders: Same to you!

    Arlu3n: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year once again Smile
    Well, since I haven't made any in a while, I just can't say. Hopefully that will change by next month.
    Sammygm: Looking forwards to it!

    JCarrill0: Look forward to you at the events soon!

    Bedders: I hope you can join in again too Smile

    Arlu3n: That would be great to see you in Events, whoever you are Big Grin
    Good variety of events, but I wish there were more of them. I guess that's limited by staff availability.
    Sammygm: It's not only limited by staff availability, but also attendance. We used to have a lot of great variety of events, but unfortunately a few years ago that started to drop off due to the lack of attendance. The lack of attendance discouraged our former staff members to continue with the role, and due to that we now have a shortage staff availability. It's something we're actively trying to work on trying to get back to what attendance used to be like.

    Bedders: Thank you for your kind words! We try to offer events that will cater to a large number of our members but you're correct with the limitation - we can't offer events in a game we don't have, in a timezone we're not awake in, or on a console we our volunteers don't have.

    Arlu3n: Yeah, what a staff can host is limited by him, but we still got a good variety like you said and that's just great Big Grin
    Same as above
    Bedders: We don't know what you wrote above as all feedback is anonymous.

    Few and far between, sadly.
    JCarrill0: Far and Wide? Let us know what time your looking for so we can make one happen!

    Bedders: Is there a specific timezone that we're missing which you're able to attend events in? If so you can help us out by volunteering! More information is available here.
    One day here
    Sammygm: Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact any CL5 or CL6

    JCarrill0: Welcome to the UFP Community!

    Bedders: Then welcome! Smile Feel free to check what events we're offering in your timezone, and you're more than welcome to attend any that you can Smile

    Arlu3n: Welcome once again Live Long and Prosper Be sure to check out our Events page for new upcoming events.
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