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FEO and Website December Roll Call Feedback

Started By:
Three of Seven, Sat 12 Jan, 2019 4:03 PM
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    I am aware this is quite late, Roll Call was last month, and the reason it is late is the fault of myself, so I am sorry to those who have been looking forward to this, but it is here now! FEO have looked over the comments from the last survey and provided their responses to them. A number of other divisions and departments have and will continue to post their survey results in due time. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the survey and a special thanks to those who left comments. You can still submit feedback via the contact form if there is something you wish to send us. Or you can drop me a PM and I will respond in reasonable time.

    The overall FEO approval rating has risen back up to 99%, I will issue to full rating spread as well, which is something discussed in FEO that some were keen to get shown, to give a full picture of what people voted. If you want to point out something we can improve, I do urge you to get in touch! As for the website, everyone still loves it at 100%!

    FEO December Approval Rating: 99% (+2%)
    FEO September Approval Rating: 97%

    Strongly Approve: 26%
    Approve: 21.5%
    Neutral: 52%
    Disapprove: 0%
    Strongly Disapprove: 0.5%

    I'm not seeing fires so it must be smooth running!
    Three of Seven: They don't allow me to cook, that's why you aren't seeing any fires!

    Jonathan F-G: Thank you! Three's cooking ban is working well then.

    Lazereth: Do let us know if you find any, Three doesn't need to cook to burn things!

    Petrarch: My Father is a retired Firefighter, should Three find the cooker again and it gets out of hand, I can summon assistance!

    Sammygm: It's definitely the Three's cooking ban! But seriously though. It's good to see the UFP running really smoothly without any unnecessary drama or issues.

    The FEO runs the UFP very well and i have no concerns.
    Three of Seven: That's great! If you ever spot anything that you want to bring up, just let me know.

    Jonathan F-G: Thanks for that great feedback. As Three has mentioned, if you do have any concerns or queries in the future then let us know.

    Lazereth: Thanks for the kind words. I can't stress enough how important feedback is, don't be afraid to come and have a chat with us!

    Petrarch: Cheers! And to echo what the others have said, always feel free to come visit us if you’ve got something on your mind!

    Sammygm: Thank you! As others have said, we're always open to feedback. You can send anonymous feedback at

    A good team who runs this community rather efficiently!
    Three of Seven: Shame they don't want to become a part of my collective...

    Jonathan F-G: Very kind thank you.

    Lazereth: Thanks!

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    Sammygm: Thank you, we do try!
    Some are very active, some are never seen. Overall, more positive than negative. Three and Jordan are the best!
    Three of Seven: That's good to hear, although I suspect you are referring to Kerry with the one who is never seen, he has since stepped down since this feedback, as he felt the time was right, but we thank him for all the work he did do. And everyone else in FEO is also the best! Except Jordan, don't even know why you mentioned him...

    Jonathan F-G: On top of what Three has said, some FEO members have roles that just aren't as visible as others. My role for example, ultimately happens away from the forums. I'm currently looking into our financial statements which must be submitted to Companies House, the UK's company register.

    Lazereth: Jonathan has hit the nail on the head. Some positions simply lack the public exposure that are integral to other areas; you will often not see some of us when things are going smoothly as our work depends on keeping things running as they should, when things break that's when we have messed something up!

    Jordan: Not to overshadow my fellow colleagues Cool

    Petrarch: Jonathan is correct, often a lot of stuff goes on in the background and the forum only sees the end results of that work, rather than the work itself. I’ve been quiet lately as I’m the new guy and I’ve been doing my best to get up to speed with things. I’m now responsible for the monthly meetings & I’ve a few bits on my plate to work on, though not all of them are going to be obviously visible at a glance.

    Sammygm: There's nothing much I can really say other than what the rest have said. I don't think judging someone for a lack of outward activity is fair. There will naturally be members that are doing behind the scenes tasks like server management and cybersecurity that many won't really see, but is really important to the health of our website. If there are members that aren't really active, we usually will deal with that in one way or another.
    Merry Christmas!
    Three of Seven: Hope you had a great Christmas!

    Jonathan F-G: Happy belated Christmas and hope you are enjoying the new year.

    Lazereth: Hope you all had a good one!

    Jordan: Ho ho ho, hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!

    Petrarch: Happy 2019!

    Sammygm: Happy Easter!

    I've got no complaints, and if I did, I'd go to them rather than post it here.
    Three of Seven: Good to hear! My ears are always open.

    Jonathan F-G: Fabulous.

    Lazereth: Good stuff!

    Petrarch: Excellent! My door is always open to anyone if they need something.

    Utterly Awful. Get rid of that KerryMalone guy for a start.
    Three of Seven: Harsh, he wasn't bad, he did good work when he was around, but his activity dropped off and he noticed that.

    Jonathan F-G: I will add that Kerry decided to step down because he noticed his activity was starting to wake. His service to the UFP is greatly appreciated.
    Other then that, if you have any specific comments that you think will help us improve then please let us know. This can be submitted anonymously via the feedback form

    Lazereth: Three and Jonathan have said most of it. But Kerry realised he could not be there for the community as much as he liked, and took action to ensure it wouldn't become a problem; we'll miss him!

    Jordan: If we're doing something wrong, or there are area to improve then do let us know. Without our members voicing there grievances or issues then we'll never be able to resolve them. Kerry did some fantastic work while a member of FEO and he'll be missed.

    Petrarch: Kerry’s efforts, time, expertise and skill were all much appreciated by the community, as was his work for it. He’s now retired and we all wish him luck in his new adventures. In his place, you’ve now got me, so I’ll let folks decide themselves if that was a good or bad move!

    Sammygm: Can't tell if serious or sarcastic. If you're being serious than that's quite harsh, as Kerry did quite a bit before and after becoming CL6. As things naturally come and go, so did Kerry's motivation and so he stepped down at his own will.

    I've been around for a few years and never had a complaint or issue that was not resolved swiftly. Good job, and thank you all Smile
    Three of Seven: Great! I am glad we are doing things so quickly! Smile

    Jonathan F-G: I'm glad you are enjoying your time here.

    Lazereth: Good to hear! Thanks!

    Jordan: Thanks for the feedback and we're glad to hear we're still something right Wink

    Petrarch: Cheers and I hope you continue to enjoy your time with the UFP!

    Sammygm: Thank you!

    Just enlisted. No experience with as of yet.
    Three of Seven: 100xp

    Jonathan F-G: Never too early to provide feedback. Any issues going forward then let us know.

    Lazereth: Let us know if you need anything!

    Petrarch: If you’ve any questions, SFA can assist you and welcome aboard!

    D.Va 1, Bad guys ZERO
    Three of Seven:
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    Jonathan F-G:
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    Sammygm: D.Va D.Va D.Va D.Va D.Va D.Va D.Va D.Va D.Va D.Va D.Va D.Va D.Va D.Va D.Va D.Va D.Va D.Va

    Three of Seven: Yay!

    Jonathan F-G: Woot

    Lazereth: tooW

    Petrarch: Hurrah!

    One day here
    Three of Seven: Welcome! Hope you are enjoying your time here!

    Jonathan F-G: Welcome to the UFP!

    Lazereth: Welcome!

    Jordan: Welcome to the community!

    Petrarch: Welcome aboard! If you need anything, please feel free to contact your RSO at any time.

    cool site
    Three of Seven: Thanks!

    Jonathan F-G: I agree and thank you for saying so

    Lazereth: Glad you like it!

    Petrarch: Cheers!

    Website December Approval Rating: 100% (0%)
    Website September Approval Rating: 100%

    Strongly Approve: 31%
    Approve: 19%
    Neutral: 50%
    Disapprove: 0%
    Strongly Disapprove: 0%

    I can't imagine NOT visiting here.
    Lazereth: I know the feeling! I have been here for so long it would feel strange to leave.

    Jordan: Excelllleeeeeeeeeeeeent, although if we can improve something do let us know.

    The website is great, good stuff Jordan!
    Lazereth: Jordan really does do everything in his power to make it as efficient as possible (hide your 100MB avatars btw)

    Jordan: Thanks! As Laz said, I do like to keep everything as optimised as possible. Not only does it speed up the site, it also helps on mobile too!

    Yes indeed character put into it!
    Lazereth: I have always loved how unique our website looked compared to other Star Trek communities, even seven years ago! It has been a trend that has thankfully continued!

    With Jordan keeping things running (and making improvements where he can) and Lazereth keeping things safe in the potentially dangerous cyberspace, I have high confidence and satisfaction with this site. Kudos and thank you to both.
    Lazereth: That's very kind, thank you!

    Jordan: Thanks!

    Merry Christmas!
    Lazereth: Merry Christmas to you too!

    Pretty good site. I've about learned where everything is, so it's probably time for an update and I'll have to start all over again! Big Grin
    Lazereth: I don't think you will have to deal with a full rebuild for quite a while, so I think you are safe!

    Jordan: Hold your horses! We don't have any redesign in the pipeline just yet - I'm particularly fond of this website iteration!

    I do prefer this design over the old LCARS one. It's much easier to navigate around!
    Lazereth: Navigation has always been the element that suffered when the website had lots of bold aesthetic elements; I certainly do miss the flavour of the LCARS panels, but it is far more user friendly! I think we have a good mix though.

    Jordan: Agreed. The LCARS website looked stunning, but practically it was confusing to navigate in certain areas and had a lot of dead space.

    Jordan and Laz are pretty good at putting up with some awful requests, but they still need to make an updated pink skin.
    Three of Seven: I have to say, I agree, pink skin for 2019.

    Lazereth: I wonder who this could possibly be? Maybe. One day. At some point.

    Sammygm: Could it be Lazbank?

    Jordan: Maybe, if it's wanted. Someone should put a poll up!

    One day here
    Lazereth: Welcome!

    Jordan: Ooo! Do let us know if you were able to find you way around easily.