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[Announcement] - Fleet Bank & Permission Changes

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Mack, Sun 13 Jan, 2019 7:39 PM
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    STO 240

    STO Fleet Bank & Permission Changes

    ufp stocomms new

    Attention UFPlanets Community!

    Priority Communication!

    We've made some changes to the STO fleet bank and permissions. The changes described below are for both the SFO and KDF fleets effective immediately.

    We've made these changes to increase the quality of life of asset management and have some spare tabs and re-purpose towards the requirements of that specific fleet.

    We've conformed for the following tabs in the in-game fleets with corresponding permissions:

    Store: No deposits, no withdrawals
    Deposit: Unlimited deposits, no withdrawals.
    Training Manuals: No deposits, 3 withdrawals
    Ground Equipment: No deposits, 3 withdrawals
    Ship Weapons: No deposits, 3 withdrawals
    Ship Items: No deposits, 3 withdrawals
    Crafting Materials: No deposits, 50 withdrawals

    You may observe some differences here. For instance, UFP Main Fleet will have two fleet stores whereas others will simply have more deposit tabs.

    Moving forward, you may only deposit items you wish to donate in the 'Deposit' tabs. From there, the Quartermasters / Orion Syndicate Traders will sort them into the relevant tabs should they meet our asset policies.

    Finally, the withdrawal limit for crafting items has been increased from 10 to 50. Remember, to withdraw items from a stack you should hold Ctrl+right click when dragging to your inventory, then move the slider to the desired quantity and click ok.

    On behalf of STO Staff Team,
    Rear Admiral MACK
    STO Command
    Starfleet Operations - Everyone is the artisan of their own future

    Mack Medals