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Lieutenant Tess - Fighter Squad CO.

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    Lieutenant Tess - Fighter Squad CO.

    Character Information
    Gender : Female
    Species : Vulcan
    Age : 25

    Physical Appearance
    Height : 163 cm.
    Weight : 56.1 kg
    Hair Color : Ginger (Originally brown).
    Eye Color : Emerald Green.

    Physical Description : A tiny bit smaller then the average vulcan, light and quite agile. Her hair is long, ending just below her shoulders. Quite fit and active.

    Spouse : N/A
    Children : N/A
    Father : Terek
    Mother : T'Mira
    Brother(s) : Serel ( 24 ), Selem ( 18 )
    Sister(s) : T'ella ( 13 ).
    Other Family : Unlisted

    Personality & Traits

    General Overview : Gentle and caring, but can be dangerous if crossed, Tess is not a typical Vulcan. She chose to use a nickname as her Vulcan name is too hard to pronounce. She dyed her hair a different colour, making her stand out more among Vulcans and humans alike. A good pilot, and quite good at the helm console at times, Tess cares for everyone, even though she doesn't feel the same emotions Humans do. Mostly quite laid back and helpful.
    Strengths & Weaknesses : Tess is logical and brave, challenging enemies if they threaten her or a crewman. She isn't afraid to question a superiors orders and will sometimes provide a more logical side to things. She is a skilled fighter pilot and is caring, she is also quite fit and active as well as loyal. Her ideas dont always work if they opponent is unpredictable or refuses to use any sort of logic.
    Ambitions : Be able to help the crew of the ARES as much as possible, as well as do her best to improve herself. Hopes she can perform to the best of her abilities.

    Hobbies & Interests : Quite a bit of a bookworm, Tess often sits in here quarters reading off a PADD. She also loves doing simulations in the Holodecks.


    Personal History : Born on Vulcan in the capital of ShiKhar, Tess was the eldest child of four children. She attended the normal Vulcan schooling and was quite logical and tactical. Her parents hoped she would join the Vulcan Science Academy, but when Tess turned 17 she applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy on Earth, forcing her to leave her family behind.

    Service Record :

    2376-2380: Started and graduated from Starfleet Academy, top results in tactical training and helm/piloting training.
    2380-2381: Served on U.S.S Blaze as helm officer.
    2382-2383: Served on U.S.S Homeland under Admiral Blaster as Fighter Pilot XO.
    2384: Transfered to U.S.S ARES to take position of Fighter Pilot CO.