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Lieutenant Tess - Pilot Roster

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Blaster, Wed 23 Jan, 2019 2:22 AM
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    Begin Log.

    I've been on the U.S.S Ares for a few days now. I met up with the fighter pilots and technicians recently, got some data and started putting together a roster of all Pilots. The Roster includes myself as well as the technicians.

    Computer bring up Flight Ops Roster.

    Bringing up Roster now.

    Flight Ops Roster:

    Fighter Pilot CO: Lieutenant Tess, 25, Vulcan, Female.

    Fighter Pilot Acting XO: Ensign Jamie Smith, 32, Human, Male.

    Fighter Pilot: Ensign Jess, 19, Human, Female.

    Fighter Pilot: Ensign T'Mep, 56, Vulcan, Female.

    Fighter Pilot: Chief Petty Officer Andressa, 26, Andorian, Female.

    Fighter Pilot: Chief Petty Officer Salek, 54, Vulcan, Male.

    Fighter Pilot: Chief Petty Officer Malek, 32, Trill, Male.

    Fighter Pilot: Petty Officer 1st Class Miranda, 42, Human, Female.

    Co-Pilot: Ensign Henry, 42, Human, Male.

    Co-Pilot: PO 1st Class Shalik, 25, Andorian, Male.

    Co-Pilot: PO 2nd Class Ellie, 42, Human, Female.

    Co-Pilot: PO 2nd Class T'Elle, 24, Vulcan, Female.

    Co-Pilot: PO 3rd Class Marcus, 32, Human, Male.

    Co-Pilot: PO 3rd Class Alore, 26, Andorian, Female.

    Co-Pilot: Crewman Tep, 47, Vulcan, Male.

    Co-Pilot: Crewman Lucy, 32, Human, Female.


    Chief Technician: Ensign Jake, 54, Human, Male.

    Deputy Chief Technician: CPO A'Pel, 27, Vulcan, Female.

    Technician: PO 1st Class Seta, 34, Andorian, Female.

    Technician: PO 1st Class Rowan, 23, Human, Male.

    Technician: PO 1st Class Sarel, 43, Vulcan, Male.

    Technician: PO 2nd Class Owen, 21, Human, Male.

    Technician: PO 3rd Class Lilly, 43, Human, Female.

    Technician: PO 3rd Class Eleanor, 34, Human, Female.

    Technician: PO 3rd Class Miles, 45, Human, Male.

    Technician: Crewman P'Teal, 28, Vulcan, Female.

    End Log.