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Building a Jupiter Build - Suggestions Welcome

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aceman67, 4 Days Ago
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     –  Last edited by aceman67; 3 Days Ago.
    I want to get a working Jupiter Carrier build with a gear towards Control/Exotic Particle Damage, a strong emphasis on shield strength, w/ Fighter damage as well.

    My Captain is a Science Discovery Alien.

    I have a set of Sensor-Linked Phaser Beam Array that can be re-engineered (They're currently at MkXIV).

    I have the Honored Dead trait that I haven't claimed yet, if it can be used in this build, I won't sell it

    These are the T6 ships I have access to for Traits:

    Temporal Operations Pack (All ships)
    Victory is Life Operations Pack (All Ships, I have the Spiral Wave disruptors but I'm Dilithium Poor until payday on the 20th, so I don't have a full set to arm a Science ship)
    Intel and Command Assault cruisers
    Exploration Cruiser (Explosive Polarity Shift be a good idea? Reverse Sheild Polarity could give some survivability, it's also boosted by Exotic Particle)
    Presidio Cruiser
    Tactical Escort
    Pathfinder Science (Ablative Armor trait for extra health)
    LTS Heavy Destroyer
    Lukari Science Ship
    (I'm at work, so I'll have to log in in the morning to see what T6 ships I have on the Romulan and Klingon front)

    This is a new toon, so I don't have any rep gear, and as I stated above, I'm Dilithium poor so I don't have enough for fleet consoles, so mission rewards will have to do at the moment.

    I was thinking about using the full Braydon Recon set, since the full set will give you micropulse overcharge, another Control/Exotic Damage ability to the tool kit.

    This is what I came up with for the BOFF abilities (Subspace Vortex changed to Charged Particle Burst):

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