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2018 Feedback in Numbers

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Three of Seven, Wed 13 Feb, 2019 7:04 PM
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    SFC 240

    In an effort to give a bigger picture as to what happens to feedback submitted through the feedback form, which both SFC and FEO discuss, I want to share with you some numbers from 2018.

    Total Feedback Received: 78
    Total Feedback Still Outstanding: 1 from 2017, 1 from 2018 - both still in discussion

    In terms of choosing to be anonymous, or identified, over three quarters of people decided to be anonymous.

    Name:  feedback by source.png
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    When it comes to taking action, most feedback gets actioned, either a response issued to clarify something, or a change made. You can see responses in this sub-forum where anonymous feedback has been made. Where it is marked as Feedback No Action Taken, it means a message will have been sent, but nothing changed, or updated. 37% of the feedback we get is spam, sometimes it's hilarious, but never needs action, because it's spam.

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    And that is 2018 in feedback! If you want to know more, please feel free to ask, or submit some feedback!