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[Announcement] - SFA Community Survey Results - March 2019

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Enlistednut09, Sat 23 Mar, 2019 2:32 PM
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    Greetings UFP,

    Below are the Community Survey Results for Starfleet Academy for March 2019. We've had a change of CO and are on the search for an XO since the last survey, the Academy RSO staff continue to excel at welcoming new and returning members and our Recruitment Operations are proceeding very well.

    As always, I want to thank everyone for providing your feedback. The SFA doors are always open, so if you have any additional feedback, suggestions or complaints, feel free to drop myself a PM or by using the forum feedback form.

    Special thanks to the SFA team for all your hard work and effort throughout the last quarter!


    MARCH 2019 APPROVAL: 99%(~)
    DEC 2018 APPROVAL: 99%


    Strongly Approve: 25%
    Approve: 21%
    Neutral: 53%
    Disapprove: 0%
    Strongly Disapprove: 1%

    Petrov is a very evil man! But the CL5s and the CL4s who run the Academy are all very nice, work hard they do, BUT NOT PETROV!
    Enlistednut09: Thank you for the compliments for our CL5's and CL4's, they all work very hard helping out the UFP. In regards to Petrov, we are quite lucky that there is no one in the Academy named Petrov, however if he or she does show up I'll let you know. Smile

    Petrarch: Petrov turned out to be a spy from the mirror universe. I shot him with a phaser on stun, then hurled him out of the nearest airlock.

    I'm not overly familiar with their operations
    Enlistednut09: Starfleet Academy is responsible for the welcoming of all new and returning community members to the United Federation of Planets.

    Constant flow of new members and handling. This is the strongest team I can see on the board so far.
    Enlistednut09: Thank you very much, we have a near constant influx of community members and our Recruit Support Officers work tirelessly to ensure that all members new or returning are taken care of.

    From my perspective the Academy is doing what they are mandated to do. The status reports and New Member sessions are great too see. One cannot hold it against anyone of the fine Academy staff if members (new or old) do not utilize this wealthy and viable resource available to them. Kudos to you all.
    Enlistednut09: Thank you very much for your kind words, we try to have as much interaction with the community as possible.

    No experience with them in the last year, I think.
    Enlistednut09: A lot of members may not have interaction with the Academy on a daily basis, but we are running New Member Welcome Sessions and you are more than welcome to join in on the session to share your experiences with the UFP.

    May Nut's reign over SFA bring more success than ever.
    Enlistednut09: Long Live Commandant Nut!

    It is a shame seeing Petrarch and Saelanna departing. Good luck to Nut. Hopefully he can sail the ship back out of the rough sea.
    Enlistednut09: While it is sad to see both Petrarch and Saelanna depart the Academy they are both moving on to bigger and greater things within the UFP. So while they are not here at the Academy they are still here at the UFP.

    Petrarch: I still have, in a small quirk of fate, a presence with SFA as I'm the CL6 contact for the Academy, but the day to day matters are now in Nut's capable hands and I wish him and the whole team here all the best in guiding the ship forward.

    Despite a series of changes in leadership Starfleet Academy continues to excel at their job.
    Enlistednut09: It is true that we have had some of our staff move on and take new positions, but I believe they have all helped to promote and enhance the Academy during their time here and I hope to carry on where they left off.