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FAB Community Feedback - March 2019

Started By:
Saelanna, Thu 04 Apr, 2019 4:28 AM
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    Hello everyone,

    The feedback from the most recent survey is all listed below.

    Many thanks to all those who took the time to leave us some comments. Should anyone have any further feedback, please feel free to use the feedback form or contact Jonathan or myself directly.

    Happy Easter!

    FAB 240

    FAB spacer small

    Approval Rating: 99%

    Rating Spread:

    Strongly Approve - 28%
    Approve- 24%
    Neutral- 48%

    Needs a real man in charge, not Jonathan, he can't even lift bro.
    Jonathan: giphy

    Saelanna: Behind every great man...

    Arlu3n: What do you specify as a real man? Someone like Vin Diesel? Don't think we can need him here, he is just lifting weights and is making movies. A billionaire with full-beard? Yeah, why not. A Jonathan, please no. Jonathan with F-G, oh yes, we need that man!

    Silynn: A well-oiled machin... team. Smile

    I'm not overly familiar with their operations
    Jonathan: Essentially we handle all the admin related task for the community, also covering moderation, graphics and I personally handle the finances of the community's non-operational company.

    Saelanna: With the notable exception of the Community Graphics Team, most of our work goes on behind the scenes. So the fact that you’re not overly familiar with our work means we must be doing something right.

    Keep up the great work! Site is running smooth Smile
    Jonathan: Great to hear. All kudos go to Jordan and Lazereth really!

    Saelanna: Thank you!

    Arlu3n: Thank you! As Jonathan said, all credits for the site running smoothly to Jordan and Laz!

    Stellar job. Arlu3n has been doing a fantastic job, please ensure that Jonathan treats him to a round of beer (or chocolate).
    Jonathan: Can't promise beer or chocolate but will a celebratory clap suffice?

    Saelanna: I'll bake him a cake 🎂

    Arlu3n: Thank you very much for you kind comment <3 <3 <3 I am always here to help!

    Silynn: Arlu3n is not only amazing, he's quite the hard worker. We're lucky to have him. Smile

    All seems good!
    Jonathan: FABulous!

    Saelanna: We are FAB! Wink

    Arlu3n: Fantastic!

    Silynn: Wonderful!

    Running smoothly on the mod side, very fast response on the signature side
    Arlu3n: We try our best to be as fast as possible with signatures Smile

    Silynn: All credit to Arlu3n. Wink

    A well-run department!
    Jonathan: Always good to hear and I'm sure the team will appreciate the good feedback.

    Saelanna: We have a great team of people which helps enormously.

    Arlu3n: Great to hear! We try our best to have a very well run FABtastic department. Did I just create FABtastic or did somone already use it. I don't know, I guess I will find out

    Silynn: Just as in life, when you have a team who are happy working in the capacity they are working in, you will notice the passion and love in their work. Smile

    I haven't been a member long enough to say one way or another.
    Jonathan: Welcome to the community! I look forward to seeing your feedback in the next survey.

    Saelanna: Welcome to the UFP! Live Long and Prosper

    Arlu3n: Welcome! Live Long and Prosper

    Silynn: Hopefully in the next survey, you'll have a better idea. If not, feel free to contact us (Feedback) and we can perhaps provide some illumination of what we do. Smile
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    Great stuff guys! Live Long and Prosper
    Starfleet Operations - Everyone is the artisan of their own future

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