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[Update] - Updates since 'Jedi's under Siege'

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    Only launching December last year, the SWTOR team has been hard at work, delivering already two patch updates to the 5.10 "Jedi's under Siege" update with 5.10.3 coming soon. Here is a quick recap of them!

    • New Lair Boss
      • A mutated Geonosian Queen stirs beneath the surface of Ossus, giving rise to an endless army of deadly monsters!
    • Masterwork Weapons
      • Expand your arsenal with new Masterwork Weapons!
    • PvP Season 10 Rewards
      • New rewards and token changes will be coming with the end of Season 10.

    • Guild Heraldry
      • With the new Guild Heraldry feature, Guilds can create their own Heraldry and display it proudly! Between the combination of Symbols, Backgrounds, and a variety of colors, Guilds will be able to create something truly unique.
        UI example 2
      • Want more information on the Guild Heraldry feature? Go check out the Game Update 5.10.2 news or read it's introduction article.
    • Preview Window
      • The Preview Window allows for players to see what armor sets, weapons, mounts, decorations, and other items look like before purchasing. This system has been rebuilt from the ground up, which has allowed us to add more functionality.
        preview window
      • Want to take a closer look at the new Preview Window? Check out their "Under the Hood article explaining what changes they have done to DYN's and the Preview Window in the 5.10.2 update.

    he Dantooine Incursion

    [ Announced ]

    dantooine concept

    • Game Update 5.10.3 ‘The Dantooine Incursion’ introduces a new in-game event set on the planet Dantooine. This limited time event will join the rotation of other recurring events in Star Wars: The Old Republic, such as the Rakghoul Resurgence and Relics of the Gree.
    • Look for more information about Game Update 5.10.3 ‘The Dantooine Incursion” in April 2019!

    Have you played these updates already, are you planning to with the newst announcement of the new expansion? Share your thoughts here!
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